Friday, February 27, 2009

SNOW - is a swear word.....

We got more snow.... ish - I know we need it, but I am SO ready for summer. My heart aches for the warm breezes of spring, the smell of freshly 'rolled' dirt - for those non-farm folks, rolled dirt is dirt that has been 'worked' or in the process of being worked for spring planting. It DOES have a clean smell to it. Plowing is my favorite, its like letting loose the essence of how God must smell. Clean, pure, fresh and full of life... have you ever thought of how God must smell? I have, obviously, I have also thought about how he laughs - only because I am sure my stupidity is somthing he laughs at or about regularly. I am also sure he has wept on my behalf or because of my actions at times. SO - what would you think that God smells like.... yes, I am serious - let me know how you think he would smell..

OH by the way my friend - Is haveing a contest - GO CHECK HER OUT BABY!!!

Now on to other things. I have been so busy this week that I dont have time to die - really it just wouldnt work out. The Milk Man threatend to call the tv station, if I didnt come out from under the bed and make him some supper. He said - I can see it now - woman found under bed mumified by the dirty laundry.... sicko....he needs somthing to do.... I have pictures of my cooking the other day, but am to lazy at the moment to get them loaded. I have had to work almost full time hours at my part time job because they are so busy. I am SO thankful for the Amish family that lives up the road. She takes my boys and keeps them as her own whenever I darken her door. She is a God send - she is my age and has 8, yes I said 8 children - I want to be just like her!!! Anyway - I have to get busy and I will try to be back later tonight to post about my cooking... LOTS of stuff to post about!

DONT FORGET to go visit Captain Wendy!!!

See you all shortly or shortly see you all..... have I lost my last marble.. *blank stare - Hears it rolling accross the floor*


Mrs Mom said...

Funny I think I heard your last marble go "plink" as it found MY lat marble...

Stay warm up there Oh Sista Of The North! I peeped at the garden for you today, and said, "Please grow soon, so that I may send warm things to my dear frozen sister..."

Love ya girl. Kisses to those babies from me!

Suzanne said...

Oh... I would so hate to have it listed in my obituary that I was found under a pile of dirty laundry! (that's funny!)

I too, wish for spring. And I would like to think that God smells like a sweet grassy breeze mixed with a little bit of sugar cookie thrown in, with a side of fresh apples!

I'm not far from an Amish community... and sometimes I wish I could be more like them too!

*plink!* my marbles are rolling around there somewhere!

Stay Warm! ~Hugs for Suzanne @

Karen Deborah said...

You are so cute, adorable, funny, awh shucks. How would God smell? I agree with you, like fresh tilled earth, or the air after the rain when it smells sweet, or like clothes dried outside. Someday maybe soon He'll come for us and then we will know. I have been working hard too, and haven't posted either. BUT I think about you and your family every day. Kiss em all. Thank God for your friend. What does the Milk dud do without his titty all day?

COFFEE MAN said...

i not sure that was a marble pinkin ! i somehow suspect it was the sound of a frozen calf dropping hitting the concrete floor !

and btw

as for the snow better you than me lol
have great day

Hohni said...

Snow is a swear word here also!!!

LDF said...

I don't think your marble is alone Heidi ... I'm sure my last marble hit the floor this past week too! I'm at work and wondering why all these grant proposals have identical deadlines, like tonight at 11:59 pm. EEEK! I'm running out of hours, never mind energy and eyesight!

I'm not sure what God smells like ... haven't really thought about it before ... but I always associated my Dad with the smells of fresh-turned garden dirt and fresh-cut wood. I suppose any scented image of God I could conjure up would smell something like that.

Hmmm. This makes me recall my Dad's sage gardening advice on how to tell when it's time to plant the vegetables: "when you can drop your drawers and sit on the bare earth comfortably" (No, I've never personally tried it!)

Willow Witch said...

I would think he might smell like the spring rain, hitting that newly exposed earth.... sometimes you make me cry, my friend..

Nancy said...

Don't tell me about we got plenty of it ourselves here in SC Sunday night! Everything came to a standstill yesterday...except the hospital and medical workers. Check out my blog for pics of our BIG snow...LOL It was big for us, as they aren't equipped to handle snow here in the South. The kids all loved it, so it was great to get some as the kids here hardly ever see snow.

((( HUGS )))

sa said...