Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back in the saddle... AGAIN!!!!

Well - well - well... if it isnt the old milk pail checking in to see how its going here... I cant tell you how much I miss you all. We are all doing GREAT!! I am now a mother in law, soon to be grandmother and a homeschooling, stay at home mom.... AND - we are farming again.. kind of. I have chickens, ducks and sheep on our little Nordic Homestead - thats the name of our farm.. I love it here. To to give everyone an update on the life we live now - Palmer is 29, married to my beautiful daughter in law Hannah (her real name) and they are having a baby - A BOY - in November!!! :) Dale, well not much changes for him.. he is still my right hand man. Big Son - is 16 - let that sink in... Lispy - 10- sink in a little further... Milk Dud - 6 - yup, crazy I know. And Little T just turned 3.. THE END is tattooed on his little pink hiney bun's. My hope is to be able to - as always - blog more. I am going to give out my email - yup.. I am... - SO if you want to hear from me, then by all means let me know you want me to blog... HUGS AND LOVE FROM THE CRAZY HOMESTEAD!!!