Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello, my name is Heidi...

and I am a dork - dont worry I know it and have been seeking treatment for years. However, nothing has worked.... I still do very dorky things, daily... for instance leaving the washing machine door open after loading the cloths, putting the soap in, turning the dial to on and walking away, OR driving with my Amish friend and seeing a septic truck, wanting to be funny I look at it and then down at my shirt that has come unbuttoned partially exposing my Ba-zooms and sayin 'oh thats a titty sucker' when I am meaning a TURD SUCKER... good thing she is my best friend or she may have never went with me again...otherwise all is happy in the world of Heidiville.

Thank you to those who have emailed me such loving letters. You have all made my life a much lighter and brighter place these last few weeks. Things have not changed, but we are coping better with it. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO - how are things in blog land? Can I still come back and you will all be my friends still??? **does best puppy dog eyes***

Here are a couple of pictures to tide you over...

The Milk Mans back went out. This is a RARE picture - he never sits down.
Lispy in his Harley biken hat... his words not mine...

and cottage cheese butt - with grass clippings.. what ya cant see is Lispy is in the buff - Dean and Amanda we are family arnt we? LOL

SO, I here by vow to do better at blogging. I just needed to get through some things before I could get back to being me and I am almost there thanks to all of you great people!!! Your prayers, thoughts and gifts have sustained my family so much more than you will ever know.

All our love - Heidi

p.s I will be back tommorow, I PROMISE!... dont look at me in that tone of voice....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Peek -a- boo! I see you!

SO sorry everyone that I have been gone for a week! I was trying to tie up loose ends, canning, schooling and just living. Palmer is MUCH better and things are slowing a bit - except for the garden and canning.. That is in full swing. Next are the tomatos - more pickles - then....pumpkin.. ya, pumpkin. There is somthing else that I missed I know, but that's ok, it wont come to me later either.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to those who have mailed me, called me, sent gifts, sent love, prayed and for all of you who read here and keep comeing back!!! I LOVE YOU! Thank you for your words of encouragment, your thoughtful emails when I REALLY needed them and for just being my buds...

I dont have anything profound to say at this point, but things are progressing here - slowly. Not sure what is going to happen in the next couple of weeks, so I am preparing for just about everything that can happen... cuz it usually does.

The Milk Man and I took a little ride today and I will post on it tommorow - Suzanne at The Farmers Wife - its JUST FOR YOU!!! since I doubt that you are going to be coming to see me.... I have given up on that - cuz, I am afraid there is someone else in your life now and just cant handle the rejection anymore... **sniff sniff** I dont understand how you can go on a trip with your husband, instead of coming up here and seeing ME!!! ** fans self while biting bottom lip** anyway - you know I am pulling your leg!!! SO, this next post really is going to be for you. I have NOT forgotten the other posts and I promise they will be along shortly!

Guess who those are for???? sure aint no darn girlfriend! Thems for his Mamma!!! :) cuz I took good care of him he said.. I love boys... what a statement that is... could that be why I have so many kids, cuz I love one boy so dog gone much? Bet it has somthing to do with it!

Talk in the morning!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Always remember.....

John A. Hofer
Index View Print Entries Most Recent to Oldest Entries Most Recent to Oldest Entries Oldest to Most Recent Entries September 10, 2009
It has been 8 years since the tragedy.I did'nt realize John was on the first plane. I was told later by my best friend that he was gone! To this day he is missed by all of us that knew him. I wear my braclet that was given to me every year.I miss his laugh and hanging out at the places we used to visit. My thoughts and prayers are with him,his friends and family. He is truley missed.
~ Julie, Seal Beach, California September 11, 2008
I used to work at Homerun Pizza, in Lakewood Ca and got to know John and his daughter very well. I think of him every year and miss him dearly! I remember all the life lesson he taught me, and his great jokes!!
~ Sara, Lakewood, California September 11, 2008
My boyfriend, Ken Chandler knew John well and to this day, he still sheds tears and can't talk about it. He was greatly loved by him and he misses him still. He is now an angel watching over his family and friends. God bless you, John, and your family. T
~ Teri Heatley, Long Beach | Contact Me September 08, 2008
I don't know you but your name has always remained in my memory when it comes to September 11th. As a fellow Bellflower resident, your untimely loss has always hit me close to home although I never met you. May god be with you, and you will never be forgotten so long as I live.
~ Luis L., Bellflower, California June 06, 2007
In memory....
~ P Tabbernor, Victoria, British Columbia

This Man was killed on September 11, 2001 - I joined a site and of course forgot to link it, that was wanting people to write down a tribute to the fallen. This was all I could find about this man... Rest in Peace John and I hope that next year I can find more about you and make this a tribute worth writeing in your memory!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What makes us stronger....

Do you ever see a picture that makes your emotions raw? I am sure its of sick children, aging loved ones or the horrors of war. We all have those feelings about pictures like that I am sure, but I mean ones that are just personal. Ones that would only make your heart ache or weep? I do - this one....

I want this to be his future and so does he. I know and belive that God opens windows or door with all my heart.. I also believe that everything is in His time for the betterment of His kingdom. I dont doubt any of that, it just seems unlikely that a childs heart breaking could fit in the picture He is painting for our lives. BUT, I dont claim to know the answer and am happy resting in the truth that He is our caretaker and loves us completly. Big Son is having a hard time with the fact that we wont be here farming next year. It heartbreaking to him that he 'wont be able to pick up where dad leaves off' - those are his words. Is it bred into a farm family the need for a mulitgenerational task? To pass on what your fathers before you have littlerly bleed for. I am not going to go into any more than that today. I am NOT going to be depressed over this, nope nope nope nope.... but I am going to grieve and be sad at the result of hopes dashed. I have often wondered if people who have money, by this I mean people who would not miss $500,000 - if they knew that they could make such a HUGE IMPACT on a family that works hard - if they would some how help those people. There are people who remodel or build 'summer homes or guest homes' for more than that and dont bat an eye at the cost. That amount would buy our farm and all the machinery that we need.... I am not jealous of these folks, nor would I EVER want to be rich. I just wish there were some way to show some of these folks how the food that they eat, comes from the sweat of my husband brow and causes the ache in his back....

I am not complaining, just putting my thoughts on 'paper'! :) My kraut post is near done, but the video I had wont load - so your getting still shots instead.. back later.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I am ALIVE!!!

Hello, Hola, and HOW-DEE... I miss Minnie Pearl. Just a quick post to tell you all that I am alive, so is my family and I busier than a cat trying to bury poop on a tin roof.... what a mental picture that is. Anyway, I am in the middle of drying sweet corn, freezing sweet corn and have been conned into makeing 'just one more batch' of - SAUR KRAUT... **stares blankly as left I twitchs wildly** I am starting to drool from lack of caffine - I need about 3 I.V ports for coffee, Mountain Dew and Jolt...that should take off the edge. I have 3 lugs of peachs comeing to the local store tomorow and I am hoping that they are not quite ripe yet so that they can sit till Friday. I have to take Palmer back to Rochestor on Wednesday to have his fingers seperated. They didnt do it last time, so this should be fun. Frigin 2.5 hour trip ONE WAY.. then sit there all day, then drive back - about as much fun as shoving toothpicks under my fingernails.... SO - thats it for the moment. I have so many posts to do that I am starting to have a panic attack. There are 2 people that I need to thank specially becuase of HUGE blessings that they bestowed on my family. But I have to ask permission from them first before I say names or alias's (that was an awsome show - Alias - Jennifer Garner is SO HOT) did I just say another woman is so hot.... ok, break out the cough syrup this is worse than I thought. Jennifer Gardner is beautiful, is that more appropriate for a woman to say? thanks... **wipes sweet from forhead** Ok - talk to you all later... anyone ever made chuttney?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Is it bedtime yet?

I am working on my post's I promise! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Palmer and farm update....

Morning everyone! Hope you are all fine as frogs hair this morning. Just wanted to let you all know that Palmer is doing better. His skin graft is healing better than it had been before. Last week when we went to the specialist, it was looking pretty bad and they thought they may have to redo the whole thing or take off the rest of his finger. They were able to save it at the middle knuckle thank God - so he is able to grip pretty well with his hand.

The farm update is this - there has been no change in plans. Just trying to sort out the details and go from there. Prices took a dive again but cost's did'nt - hope I have my apostrophy in the right place Jennifer, I know how important they are. *snicker, giggle, snort*

Now for the 'homeschooling' - we are going to be doing what they call the Connections academy. I will be Big Sons learning coach, not his teacher. It's a virtual public school through a local school district so he will be having a teacher. The reasons we chose this vary for several reasons, one of which is that we have more say in what he is taught. He can have more free time, which a child with his energy level needs, no hour long bus ride one way and no overload of school work. The amount of time we are doing 'school' here at home is about the same amount of time that we did homework.... how is that even possible??? So, that is the jist of my nuttiness'ss' ss'sss LOL I have to say that I love this, because it brush's up my skills - except for spelling - and it is fun to watch him learn. We are also able to tailor it to his likes a bit more than a traditional school. He still has regular assignments, but we can do things within those to make it 'just for him'... Grammar is my favorite subject... **snort**

Anyway - thats things for the day. I have to try to freeze some homemade cream corn. Palmer is going to watch the kids for me this afternoon so I can post my kraut experience. Talk to you all soon - much love and adios, goodbye SO LONG SUCKA'S..... sorry, I was having an attack of some sort. None of you are suckers, that I know of at least - except coffeeman, he's not a sucker either really. He is more of a snicker - as in dooly. When I was little we called farts snickerdooly's.. LOL

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I heap hot coals on my head....

I am a gluton for punishment, we are homeschooling again. I did this a couple of years ago and LOVED IT - SO - we are at it again. Can anyone say 'your nuts'? Thank you....

How is the world treating the rest of you? Its getting cool here, only in the 60's the last 4 days. My kind of weather.... be back soon!!