Saturday, September 19, 2009

Peek -a- boo! I see you!

SO sorry everyone that I have been gone for a week! I was trying to tie up loose ends, canning, schooling and just living. Palmer is MUCH better and things are slowing a bit - except for the garden and canning.. That is in full swing. Next are the tomatos - more pickles - then....pumpkin.. ya, pumpkin. There is somthing else that I missed I know, but that's ok, it wont come to me later either.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to those who have mailed me, called me, sent gifts, sent love, prayed and for all of you who read here and keep comeing back!!! I LOVE YOU! Thank you for your words of encouragment, your thoughtful emails when I REALLY needed them and for just being my buds...

I dont have anything profound to say at this point, but things are progressing here - slowly. Not sure what is going to happen in the next couple of weeks, so I am preparing for just about everything that can happen... cuz it usually does.

The Milk Man and I took a little ride today and I will post on it tommorow - Suzanne at The Farmers Wife - its JUST FOR YOU!!! since I doubt that you are going to be coming to see me.... I have given up on that - cuz, I am afraid there is someone else in your life now and just cant handle the rejection anymore... **sniff sniff** I dont understand how you can go on a trip with your husband, instead of coming up here and seeing ME!!! ** fans self while biting bottom lip** anyway - you know I am pulling your leg!!! SO, this next post really is going to be for you. I have NOT forgotten the other posts and I promise they will be along shortly!

Guess who those are for???? sure aint no darn girlfriend! Thems for his Mamma!!! :) cuz I took good care of him he said.. I love boys... what a statement that is... could that be why I have so many kids, cuz I love one boy so dog gone much? Bet it has somthing to do with it!

Talk in the morning!


LDF said...

Glad to see you back! What a nice son ... I'm positive you really deserve those posies!

Mrs Mom said...

HEIDIIII!!! Girl, I have MISSED YOU!!! Of course, thought about you non stop while we made Scuppernogg grape jelly this week too...

Palmer is too sweet ;) Glad he is healing up well.

Chat with you soon dear sista from anotha motha! Squeeze those babies from me please!!

Jinglebob said...

Glad your back. Had me worried.

Now knock that off and keep blogging!

(Was that stern enough?)

Andi said...

Howdy! Glad to see your still kickin'! Good luck with the never ending chores! But don't flowers make everything better?!

Peggy said...

Missed you lots! Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers

COFFEE MAN said...

Ya know if you keep posting pics of him , ur gonna have girlies all over wantin to meet mr palmer .

or are u TRYING to get him a lady hmmmmmmmmmm?


Mrs Snow said...

Hi hun,
Glad you are back we missed you :)
Palmer looks great - With that lovely photo it won't be long before he has a girlfriend!!!
PLEASE don't forget your recipes - even if you have no photo's.
Love, light & Blessings,

Sue :)

Sadie said...

guess who misses heidi???


okay. now that that is out of my system.. :)

Those are some handsome boys you have there! I can't believe how big lispy is getting!

I wrote awhile back, hope it made it thru gmail, it hates me lately.

I posted a blog awhile back with some new pics of the girly's for ya too! Anyhoo, miss ya, and hope things are going a bit better for you :)

dickiebo said...

"I don't have anything profound to say at this point..."
That's like me!! The trouble is, when we don't say anything, folks think that we're not here, but.....we sure are! Always with you (all) in thought.

Karen Deborah said...

Are you sure Palmer doesn't need a girlfriend? I have got a real cute granddaughter over here.
Glad to hear you sounding cheerful i have been worried about you, and i am prayin.

Greenmare said...

oh sweet boy!!! those are precious but the gratitude is even more wonderful. you are raising them right honey!!