Thursday, September 3, 2009

Palmer and farm update....

Morning everyone! Hope you are all fine as frogs hair this morning. Just wanted to let you all know that Palmer is doing better. His skin graft is healing better than it had been before. Last week when we went to the specialist, it was looking pretty bad and they thought they may have to redo the whole thing or take off the rest of his finger. They were able to save it at the middle knuckle thank God - so he is able to grip pretty well with his hand.

The farm update is this - there has been no change in plans. Just trying to sort out the details and go from there. Prices took a dive again but cost's did'nt - hope I have my apostrophy in the right place Jennifer, I know how important they are. *snicker, giggle, snort*

Now for the 'homeschooling' - we are going to be doing what they call the Connections academy. I will be Big Sons learning coach, not his teacher. It's a virtual public school through a local school district so he will be having a teacher. The reasons we chose this vary for several reasons, one of which is that we have more say in what he is taught. He can have more free time, which a child with his energy level needs, no hour long bus ride one way and no overload of school work. The amount of time we are doing 'school' here at home is about the same amount of time that we did homework.... how is that even possible??? So, that is the jist of my nuttiness'ss' ss'sss LOL I have to say that I love this, because it brush's up my skills - except for spelling - and it is fun to watch him learn. We are also able to tailor it to his likes a bit more than a traditional school. He still has regular assignments, but we can do things within those to make it 'just for him'... Grammar is my favorite subject... **snort**

Anyway - thats things for the day. I have to try to freeze some homemade cream corn. Palmer is going to watch the kids for me this afternoon so I can post my kraut experience. Talk to you all soon - much love and adios, goodbye SO LONG SUCKA'S..... sorry, I was having an attack of some sort. None of you are suckers, that I know of at least - except coffeeman, he's not a sucker either really. He is more of a snicker - as in dooly. When I was little we called farts snickerdooly's.. LOL


Peggy said...

I get so tired just reading your posts! You are truly one amazing lady and very blessed.

Mrs Mom said...

Glad to hear Palmer is on the mend now too. We were wondering how he was holding up!

LOVE the program available to you for Big Son. I need to find out if something like that is available around here at all.

Grammar? Spelling? Dude... the stuff of headaches and chocolate over indulgences ;)

Hugs to you all! And smack the hams on Milk Man- see what kinda trouble that'll get you into..hehehe

Willow Witch said...

That is so great that you get to give the boy's that kind of learning experience...UMMM, I want to know about the homemade cream more kraut.. maybe a post on you smaking the milkman's ham's..ya ya I like that idea....I am going to get the right back...dont start with out me...

Jennifer said...

I accept the nomination for Spelling Czar.

Do you pay in homebaked cookies? Please don't pay in children.. Unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy.

Susan said...

So glad Palmer is must better...:-)

I Love spelling. I was so good at it in school... Now our son was horrific at it, but yet... he is the one who has 3 degrees. guess he's better now... or else he uses spell check... which I'm starting to use a lot...*blush*

I'll have to keep reading your posts about the home schooling. It's intersting. It sounds like he gets the same assignments as other kids... but you just do it your own way in your own time ... sort of? Sounds good to me!

Plus, he won't be weighed down with these HUGE Heavy backpacks I see kids carry around here. A few of them use those luggage carts on wheels to cart them around. ( Too heavy I guess )

~ Susan

COFFEE MAN said...

hello trouble maker
So a snickerdoly am I phbbbtttt

the homeschooling around here is 3 days a week 3-4 hrs a day and she is ahead of the local curriculam ( spell check) she is 10 and going in 7th grade

its the one on one that makes the diffrence .

Have great day glad palmers better and by all means smack the milkman we BOTH know whats gonna happen then !!

I wanna watch i wanna watch

Takes willows popcorn away

Willow Witch said...

Where is the candle lady when we need her. Wrestles the popcorn bowl back...*SMACK* git r own....
He is out of control.... OH sorry to interrupt, please continue....

lisa said...

So glad the finger is healing!

Are you using the K12 virtual school? I am finishing up the enrollment process for my little 3 and can't wait to get started!

Let's keep in touch and give each other advice, support, ideas, whatever! Best of luck to you!

Karen Deborah said...

Good for you!!! Can't wait for the kraut post. You'll be fine at home schooling and Lispy will be chomping a the bit to get in on it.

Anonymous said...

good news on palmer... you are one tuff cookie :)

phil 4:13
have a great weekend

linda/Il said...

So glad Palmer is doing well.

So sad to hear you will be exiting dairy business. As a dairy farmer we certainly understand where you are coming from, but oh, the heartache of it all.
There is truly something terribly wrong with our agricultural system. We need the family farm. More people want to know where their food comes from yet we don't help them "hang in there". Good Luck-something good will be in your future.

Anonymous said...

I have had my son in Connections Academy for 4 years now. I love it and so does he. Maybe we can meet at a field trip or something. If you have any questions you can sure contact me anytime. My email is edwards.jessica at gmail dot com.

Welcome to virtual school :)