Monday, September 7, 2009

I am ALIVE!!!

Hello, Hola, and HOW-DEE... I miss Minnie Pearl. Just a quick post to tell you all that I am alive, so is my family and I busier than a cat trying to bury poop on a tin roof.... what a mental picture that is. Anyway, I am in the middle of drying sweet corn, freezing sweet corn and have been conned into makeing 'just one more batch' of - SAUR KRAUT... **stares blankly as left I twitchs wildly** I am starting to drool from lack of caffine - I need about 3 I.V ports for coffee, Mountain Dew and Jolt...that should take off the edge. I have 3 lugs of peachs comeing to the local store tomorow and I am hoping that they are not quite ripe yet so that they can sit till Friday. I have to take Palmer back to Rochestor on Wednesday to have his fingers seperated. They didnt do it last time, so this should be fun. Frigin 2.5 hour trip ONE WAY.. then sit there all day, then drive back - about as much fun as shoving toothpicks under my fingernails.... SO - thats it for the moment. I have so many posts to do that I am starting to have a panic attack. There are 2 people that I need to thank specially becuase of HUGE blessings that they bestowed on my family. But I have to ask permission from them first before I say names or alias's (that was an awsome show - Alias - Jennifer Garner is SO HOT) did I just say another woman is so hot.... ok, break out the cough syrup this is worse than I thought. Jennifer Gardner is beautiful, is that more appropriate for a woman to say? thanks... **wipes sweet from forhead** Ok - talk to you all later... anyone ever made chuttney?


~ Sara ~ said...

Never made chutney... but I did make a Peach Almond Conserve to LIVE for! Oh my sweet heavens! And I don't even like jam and all that jazz.

Susan said...

Heidi, drive safely to Rochester and then relax while you are waiting for Palmer. So happy to read that you have not lost your sense of humor. Hugs to ALL the boys.

Mrs Mom said...

Girl, I'd be SLEEPING while waiting for Palmer! ;) Yeah. Ok. So.... NOT!

I'll ask dear Husband tomorrow night- he has done a couple of chutney's in the past. WIll get you the scoop on them as soon as I can!!

Love ya baby- drive safe, kisses to the babies, and chase Milk Man! hehehe

Jody Blue said...

We made our Kraut last weekend, I'm so curious to know just how many gallons do you make?