Saturday, May 8, 2010

We now return to regular schedualed posting......

Hello everyone! I am so sorry to have been MIA for a MONTH but with an early spring here, we have been busier than a skunk eating bumble bee's. The Milk Man is putting in longer days - not sure how thats possible condsidering he already worked from sun up to sun down, but he is. The kids are busy trying to get into trouble of course. Big Son is almost done with school - a month early thank you, Lispy - well we all know that not much changes with him. He tells it like it is and then some, not sure where he gest that from.... Milk Dud, is GROWING TO FAST! He is no longer a baby, but a growing boy... He is going to be - dare I say it - 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in July. It makes me weep at the thought, I would LOVE another baby - but my plate is so full now that I know I could not keep up.

As for the farm....
The oats are all in, the corn is almost half way done and the hay is growing fast, but the weather is all over the board. We had SNOW today - it acutally accumulated on the deck and cars. Then we had rain pellets..for about 10 minutes looked like those little styrofoam packing beads on the yard.
We have gotten some new milking equipment and it is DANDY folks..I will have to post about it soon. But dont forget that the word soon for me is well, relative. So please leave me a comment and let me know how you are all doing? I miss you so much and wish I could visit you all each day - at some point in time I am hoping that I can do that once again. AND my Florida friends....will you be stopping up this year?
Love to you all - Heidi