Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Leg.... part 1..

OH where to begin... busted leg boy - otherwise known as Milk Dud - is going to be getting his cast off this week... hip hip hooray!!! He scoots around on his little hiney and says, 'Mamma - Mamma... hold me... I see you.. you can hold me!' Not really sure why the - i see you - but whatever. He talks SO well. No swearing either - how impresive is that!

I will be putting up pictures in a few days I hope. Its blue and starting to look pretty ragged around the edges!

SO - ask me some questions. Its been to long since I really had a post about life - I have forgotten how to write one!


Friday, January 7, 2011

All the news from the world of farming....

Hello - my name is Heidi and I am easily distracted. By such things as this..

This is Palmer.... wow - can you say farm hunk.. He is girl hunting and with that shirt - he will probably find one soon.. Anyone got any eligable, sweet, grounded young ladies that would like to farm with a hunk of man like that.. :) **wink wink** He is looking for a gal that has all the qualities she should and that things farming would be an adventure... cuz it totally is.

Anyway - enough goofiness....

So how have you all been the last few months? I have missed you all so great, my heart just hurts thinking that I have missed so much of your lives the last few months. So much has went on here that I dont even know where to start. I will update by person and that should help me and you keep it all straight.

Big Son - is now a Green belt with 2 stripes.. he is 1 belt away from getting his black belt.. He rocks at it! He is in 7th grade - in public school unfortunatly - and seems to be doing ok. Boy does he come home with some things that are very contrairy to what we live/believe. BUT - we are working through it.

Lispy - is in kindergarten and its not his cup of tea. He says its a waste of his time and that he has so much more that he could be doing on the farm to help out... He says his teacher is not that smart, cuz she cant milk a cow.... or drive a tractor.... or even make good sandwichs. We all know how important a good sandwich is right.. yeesh. He is in orange belt in karate, but thinks that he is Chuck Norris....

Milk Dud - well, he is SO BIG!!! Busted his leg because he sat on the dog backwards, the dog stood up and his leg went under the rocking chair, got stuck and snapped in the shin area. Poor kid - he is one tough little bugger though. He is talking a blue streak - imagine that, wonder where it came from - **eye roll** He is usually very good natured, but boy he can be hot tempered when he thinks he is right or doesnt get what he wants..

The Milk Man - is hot.. :) still...

Dale - not much changes with Dale - he is the same in every way.

Me.. well - I am working full time as an independant care giver/consultant for elderly. LOVE IT.

SO ask me some questions and I will answer whatever you all want to know! LOVE YOU and will be back soon!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here I am..... Rockin' like a hurricane!

WELL all my favorite folks in blogland - I am alas... not dead. Neither is anyone in my immediate family - although my sweet and precious grandpy went to be with the Lord in October.... Just a quick howdy how ya all doing - missing you all and wishing my life allowed me to blog daily. It just doesnt...

Updates will follow in a couple days - lots going on here. Lispy is in Kindergarten, big son in 7th grade and Milk Dud - has a broken leg.... woofda. LOVE YOU ALL!!!