Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Leg.... part 1..

OH where to begin... busted leg boy - otherwise known as Milk Dud - is going to be getting his cast off this week... hip hip hooray!!! He scoots around on his little hiney and says, 'Mamma - Mamma... hold me... I see you.. you can hold me!' Not really sure why the - i see you - but whatever. He talks SO well. No swearing either - how impresive is that!

I will be putting up pictures in a few days I hope. Its blue and starting to look pretty ragged around the edges!

SO - ask me some questions. Its been to long since I really had a post about life - I have forgotten how to write one!



Mrs Mom said...

You have not forgotten Heidi- there is so much that goes on up there, you just get confused at the happenings!

Glad "little" Milk Dud is getting his cast off. I can't believe he is talking so much already. Seems like just yesterday you announced his arrival... They grow up so fast don't they?

Miss you girlfriend. Write more!

COFFEE MAN said...

huggggggggs hey lil siss, it only takes 5 minutes of your time to drop by and say hello .

we miss ur smiling face , dont be a stranger or im gonna call milkman and give u an unfavorable report . "grins"

and u know ill do it !

Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Hi Heidi :-)
Hope the cast DOES come off!

Let's see - what you could post about .... Last year you had requested recipes which use rice. We gave you some. did you ever try any of them? If not, do! And post about them!!!

Did your previous promo of Parker help him find a girl? o;-p

What wise remarks has Lipsy come forth with lately?

Hope your keep warm friend!

Karen Deborah said...

You can still write. It's called go to Face crack and hit delete account. Amazing how many posts you will think of! What happened to the Dud?

Jessica said...

You can write about what kind of crazy ditch cuisine we're gonna make this summer. read up on your nettles, fiddle head ferns and morells!!!

Greenmare said...

hey sweetie!!! it's been so long since I checked in with you!!!
gosh the boys are getting bigger and bigger!!! hope that leg is all healed up so he can do some other silly boy stuff with it!
soooooooooooo glad to see you back in blogland

john cena said...

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