Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back in the saddle... AGAIN!!!!

Well - well - well... if it isnt the old milk pail checking in to see how its going here... I cant tell you how much I miss you all. We are all doing GREAT!! I am now a mother in law, soon to be grandmother and a homeschooling, stay at home mom.... AND - we are farming again.. kind of. I have chickens, ducks and sheep on our little Nordic Homestead - thats the name of our farm.. I love it here. To to give everyone an update on the life we live now - Palmer is 29, married to my beautiful daughter in law Hannah (her real name) and they are having a baby - A BOY - in November!!! :) Dale, well not much changes for him.. he is still my right hand man. Big Son - is 16 - let that sink in... Lispy - 10- sink in a little further... Milk Dud - 6 - yup, crazy I know. And Little T just turned 3.. THE END is tattooed on his little pink hiney bun's. My hope is to be able to - as always - blog more. I am going to give out my email - yup.. I am... - SO if you want to hear from me, then by all means let me know you want me to blog... HUGS AND LOVE FROM THE CRAZY HOMESTEAD!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Our new life... off the farm.

Hello!!! Just a quick update - although I am sure there are few if ANY of my former readers here... or checking in anymore... Just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing well. We have sold our home and moved - to a new area - 20 miles from the farm. Milk Man is no longer a Milk Man, but he is still my hunk of burning love baby!! LOL :) Boys are all doing well - healthy - happy and couldnt be better! Miss you all...