Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WOW!!!!! Wow!! WOOOZA! Well folks, it looks like I have annoyed some people about my Homemade cough syrup.. yup.. they are mad. First of all folks, I will apologize for not answering your questions. Second, get over it... I know that sounds a bit cold - but really guys, I have not been on here in YEARS... and its a recipe that is not my own. I shared it with the intent of being helpful - what I shared is all I know.. as in most 'home grown' recipes, its trial and error... People wanted information on dosing. Really? seriously? I am not a dr. nor a pharmacist nor an herbalist - so dosing is not something I will speak on at all. So all I can say is this. Take your own chances on using the cough syrup... just like everything else in life, USE GOOD JUDGEMENT!.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back in the saddle... AGAIN!!!!

Well - well - well... if it isnt the old milk pail checking in to see how its going here... I cant tell you how much I miss you all. We are all doing GREAT!! I am now a mother in law, soon to be grandmother and a homeschooling, stay at home mom.... AND - we are farming again.. kind of. I have chickens, ducks and sheep on our little Nordic Homestead - thats the name of our farm.. I love it here. To to give everyone an update on the life we live now - Palmer is 29, married to my beautiful daughter in law Hannah (her real name) and they are having a baby - A BOY - in November!!! :) Dale, well not much changes for him.. he is still my right hand man. Big Son - is 16 - let that sink in... Lispy - 10- sink in a little further... Milk Dud - 6 - yup, crazy I know. And Little T just turned 3.. THE END is tattooed on his little pink hiney bun's. My hope is to be able to - as always - blog more. I am going to give out my email - yup.. I am... - SO if you want to hear from me, then by all means let me know you want me to blog... HUGS AND LOVE FROM THE CRAZY HOMESTEAD!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Our new life... off the farm.

Hello!!! Just a quick update - although I am sure there are few if ANY of my former readers here... or checking in anymore... Just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing well. We have sold our home and moved - to a new area - 20 miles from the farm. Milk Man is no longer a Milk Man, but he is still my hunk of burning love baby!! LOL :) Boys are all doing well - healthy - happy and couldnt be better! Miss you all...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Just call me the chicken canner....

Well, lately I have been dabbeling in the kitchen arts.... this one is the tricky - *cue Jaws music*.... pressure canning. I have to admit I was terriefied at first... I mean it rattles on the stove like its posessed if you dont get the pressure right. BUT, I was not daunted, only cuz my mom and gramma were there holding my hand... we canned potatoes. Pictures will be following this post in a couple days... Today is chicken canning... cut up stew chickens with bones... :) ITS FUN!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

HELLO NEIGHBOR!!!!! Hope you are all well and fed. I am here canning and drying and storing like a squirel... just purchased a... FOOD SAVERRRRRRRR!!! LOVE'N it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life goes on....

>Well dear friends.. its been a few days. I know I promised to be more regular, but well - ya. Thats me... Want in one hand and a wish in the other... BUT, all is not lost... :) I was wondering a few things - at one time my blog was kinda popular and then, well - life got in the way. SO many things have changed... there is now Facebook and Twitter and Pintrest.... I have been pinned and NO IDEA what the heck that ment... SO I am attempting to combine those things into one functioning blog/area/place to ramble/gather/share ideas etc. I miss the closeness of the folks that commented here - some no longer email me either and I understand why.. life changes, things change and move on.. SO, would anyone be able to help me with this? or at lesat guide me? HELP! HELP! Here is a pic of the baby that isnt a baby anymore... :) No comments:

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello blogland, its me Heidi

WOOOOOFFFFDDDAAAA!!!!! Where has the time gone? Out the door and through my hands. Things have been so busy around here for the last 2 years that there was NO WAY I could keep up and blog about it all.... Life has really changed for us since I started this long silent blog... Mostly for the good though - some for the sad - some are still the same and thats a good thing. For the first time ever I a stay at home mom... with NO part time, full time or sometime work away from home. I LOVE IT! It leaves me so much more opportunity to be a servant to my family... which most of the time I like, but truth be told - I like a good pedicure just as much. GAH!! or really good coffee, or making my feet really cold then sticking them on my my hubbys legs in bed..ya, thats my favorite!! SO, a little update is in order after all this time. Kids are doing really well - baby is now 16 months old... frigin hard to believe! Milk Dud is in pre-k, Lispy is in 2nd grade!!!!!! and Big Son is A FRESHMAN! woofda... we are still living in the same home, but not farming at all. We dont even have a dog anymore... :( but we have a kitty that we claim. She wanders around and calls us her family - she's a hussy though -throws herself at all the male cats in the area.... Hubby calls her Heidi Fliess... he says its appropriate since its my fault we had so many kids - go figure! LOL Anyway - I am loving this phase of our life and want to share it more with all of you. SO SO SO many of you have stuck by me and continued to send me emails, gifts and encouragement... I LOVE THAT and appreciate it so so much! Well, I had better get my butt in gear. Today is laundry day - wait, everyday is laundry day... today is lets see if I can get the laundry done day.... ya, sure - lets try a differant day... today is lets bake the cookies that I bought that are in a roll from pilsbury day... that I can handle!! LOVE YOU ALL!