Friday, February 26, 2016

Hello dear friends! I am enjoying this gorgeous weather today! OH to be spring! Gardens! Flowers! Muddy boots! dirty pants cuffs... the smell of wet dog... more mud.. wow.. now I am loosing interest.. SO - new subject! How are you all doing!?!?!? I have a picture I would like to share.. its of all my 'men'.. Palmer is now married and has a son.. I know right?!?!?! Here they are!
Palmer is not in this one, but he is in this one...
So whats up in your world folks!?!?! I need to know!

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Lola-Dawn said...

Well look at how all growed up them little boys are! Wowzers! Handsome young fellas too! Okay Heidi, you make me feel guilty for not blogging ... I best get something on MY blog soon!