Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello from Busytown!

Sorry guys - I made yet another promise that I have not kept. We are getting snow here off and on making it SO difficult to get our crops in, buildings and animals ready for winter. Not to mention the boys having been sick. They have been diagnosed with asthma.. YIPPEE!!! we now have a nebulizer machine - and a puppy.. I dont know wich one is more work to be honest...

So much is going on - we are still farming but not sure in what direction we are going yet. This is such a long process... I wish it was just over one way or the other. However, in Gods time as He knows best. I had better get busy. I am truely sorry that I have not been a better friend/blogger/person etc. But, I am still appreciative of all of your love, prayers and support. THANKS FRIENDS!!!

Sue from the Farmers Wife - this is for you!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Morning neighbors!

I am having some trouble loading a video for some friends of mine... Amanda and Dean!!!! I tried to send the dog gone thing - no luck - tried to load it here - no luck.. SO - I think I will have to send up smoke signals and pray for rain.... what does that have to do with anything, I have no idea. Willow and Coffeeman - you 2 are some of the best friends a girl could ever have.. *sniff* SO - I am going to try to post a recipe later today. Milk Dud has a bad cold and I may have to take him into the dr, so we shall see...

Until then - here is a couple of pictures of summer... you remember summer right - when the weather is warm and you can actually see green grass? It SNOWED here on the 12 th of October, I immediatly went into hibernation.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama and Mother Teresa have NOTHING in common.

What the heck already... If I said I wanted to end world hunger, that I wanted to stop female circumcision in Africa, if I said I wanted to stand around holding hands and singing Koom-by-ya while drinking blue kool aid served by Oprah and the rest of nutty Hollywood - maybe JUST MAYBE I would win an award I don't deserve too!! You have got to be TOTALLY FRICKING KIDDING ME!!! Obama won the noble peace prize.... When they had to debate whether Mother Teresa deserved it or not? Are these people really worth being on the panel? For the sake of decency I hope he defers it to the other guy.. I hope he knows he is SO NOT WORTHY!!! The other fellow had at least spent HIS OWN MONEY working for others in other countries and trying to better the world with his own 2 hands and not his LIPS!!! I hope he is a one term president because 8 years of this is going to RUIN our country. Its on a downward spiral right now that is TERRIFYING. To me, this tarnishes and degrades the prize itself. No its not because he is black, no its not because he is a democrat - its because he has done nothing BUT TALK about what he wants to do..... If he had done anything at all outside of the country other than apologize for us being a sovereign nation, then I would think about the fact that he may have stood a chance in the running... but good grief..he is nothing but lip service and threats.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Fresh can of worms.....

Yesterday one of my most favorite blog people wrote something that hurt me deeply, yet I can understand where she is coming from. Rechelle from My Sisters Farm House, wrote a very harsh post about homeschoolers... go take a read....

I only ask that you not be rude - I consider her my friend, even though we differ greatly on this subject. She is a good mother and has her children's best interests in mind also. However, I will not tell you what to say - you are all entitled to your opinions....

Monday, October 5, 2009

The last hurrah!!!

Well, I am done.. done... done... done... done ... done... stick a fork in me - D - O - N - E.... NO more pouting, no more weeping, no more crying, no more nashing of teeth - unless for some other reason I cant think of right now - but this is it for me. I will NO LONGER be mourning the changes that are coming in my life. Whatever happens is gonna be GOOD! All good and nothing but good!!!

With that out of the way!

I would like to ask everyone to tell me what they want me to post about first. I have a couple dozen of them thought up in my head and pictures for them all, but would like to know what your all thinking! I will post about anything and everything that you want to know about. From cooking, to canning, to farming, to haveing babies....not making babies but having them... ok, making babies to - you twisted my arm *snicker* to cutting wood, to how our homeschooling is ROCKIN THE BEER GUT.... to whatever turns your crank, zips your fly, or stubs your toe.

but till I get some answers man your stuck with this.

This is my favorite person on Earth..... What do you mean you would rather see cow titty's, naked kids? Your a bunch of sicko's... No wonder I love you!