Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Fresh can of worms.....

Yesterday one of my most favorite blog people wrote something that hurt me deeply, yet I can understand where she is coming from. Rechelle from My Sisters Farm House, wrote a very harsh post about homeschoolers... go take a read.... http://mysistersfarmhouse.com/

I only ask that you not be rude - I consider her my friend, even though we differ greatly on this subject. She is a good mother and has her children's best interests in mind also. However, I will not tell you what to say - you are all entitled to your opinions....


Mrs Mom said...

Why do we homeschool? 1) Because I do not want my children indoctrinated 2) I do not want my sons to go to school where there are and have been children IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL who have brought fire arms to school to use against staff and other children 3)I believe the QUALITY of the education my sons will get at home is going to be of higher quality than our local schools can provide.

I have more reasons, but those are the highlights.

As to her comment about it being religious based... not so much here. And to the comment about being proud of the community, and being a part of something bigger than ourselves..... yeah. Not so much, lady.


And that is all I have to say...

Aside from, I love you Heidi my sweet sista! Squeeze those babies from their Auntie please! ;)

COFFEE MAN said...

read it and have decided she is as "vehement about" public school as she is criticizing "homeschool parents" of being .

This is why I dont like to discuss "explosive" topics online IE: religion , politics. People want to lump all together because of the attitude of 1 .

And I wont go back there simply because topics like this are devisive and all that does is create dissention.

I come here to have fun .

so forgive me if I let stuff like that slide . I did comment on her blog as well. twice my first and last time

Becky said...

I read it yesterday and have to say I was surprised. My kids went to public school....but I never felt the need to berate those who homeschooled their children. There were times I wish I could have afforded private school....there were MANY troubles through the years. I have never commented on Rechelle's blog before, and didn't yesterday....but I have to say after reading "Rant #2" today, I am probably done with that blog. The whole thing sounded a tad irrational to me. She used the term "beating a dead horse" in reference to HS today and I feel she is the one not letting go of the whip. She should let it go.....it really isn't any of her business what any family decides for education.
I saw your comment there yesterday and felt you expressed yourself well. It appears she has a personal axe to grind regarding homeschooling and unfortunately, everyone who home schools got taken out in the blast.
Whoaaaaah. way too long...sorry.
But you hang in there, Heidi.

lisa said...

WOW....I read her blog..Phew..I'am amazed in what she said..I got the feeling she couldn't handle homeschooling even if she tried..She wishes she could and she is taking it out on homeschoolers..I did not homeschool. My kids went to public schools and they were good public schools and I have no regrets because I would not have been able to offer them what the schools could offer. Nor did I have the patience at that time.. I am talking about the elective classes that I could not offer..By the way all my kids are in college..I wished I had what it took to homeschool but I knew deep down I did not at the time....I admire every mom and dad who homeschools their children..I am scared if my kids have kids and they have to go through public education these days..I would be so afraid of what they are teaching kids now a days. Don't let some person bring you down in what you believe..Everyone is different..To me she is bullying all homeschoolers and that is exactly why if I had young kids now I probably would have them home because I would not want to associate with people like that. We don't need this kind of thinking..When someone is whining about something the other person is doing, is because they wish they could do it. So they want to bring you down with them..So keep on what your doing..Loving your wonderful kids and enjoying your life..Sorry this is way to long....Lisa

Staci said...

After I read her posts, all I could think was "Methinks the lady doth protest too much". You hang in there, Heidi!

Staci said...

And, although her intention might not have been to do so, I think she was saying the same thing about homeschoolers as they said about public school. Such is just about every argument.... I mean, you tend to totally dislike in others what you don't like about yourself..

Willow Witch said...

We all make our own choices due to the circumstances we are handed in our own lives. My hat goes off to families that choose homeschooling... But it wasnt a choice for me so mine headed off on the big yellow school bus... We are not defined by where or how our kids learn, as long as they learn and become good citizens of our world, that's what counts...and really whether they are homeschooled or in public schools that is still a parents responsibility, we still raise our children, well most of us anyway...

~Tonia said...
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~Tonia said...

My goodness! Sometimes I wish that we as a homeschooling family would be given some of the tolerance the other side say we need to give them... Education is not a One Size Fits All... I feel sorry for her that she had to be so negative.. It made me feel bad/sad/mad just reading it.. This is when I want to say Judge Not lest ye be judged. We choose to homeschool. We have friends that do and friends that dont.. Some people who accuse others of being narrow minded are more narrow minded and prejudiced against anything Not the Norm.. So sad....

dickiebo said...

Well now. You did say...A Can of Worms!
Frankly, I can see some advantages in both systems of educating. Today, in the UK, I really can't blame anybody for home-schooling as our education system is rapidly becoming engulfed by politicians pushing PC claptrap!

Jennifer said...

That's what's neat about free speech, everybody.

She can have her opinion, and you can have yours. All of you are entitled to agree or disagree.

Is it truly a debate of Liberal and Conservative? Reglious and not? Or is it a choice of who is best to teach children? The "whack" she got for "All the Liberals that are so Anti-Christian" was a little harsh. I know some Christian Liberals. As part of my Christian college undergraduate education, I got the chance to take Political Science. Look in Acts - All of the people in the church took care of each other. It can be said from this (and many other passages) that being "liberal" in nature, and choosing the greater good to make our laws and protect us from each other is just as Biblical as Conservatism.

I don't agree with homeschooling. Right before I attended Geneva College, a homeschooled freshman killed a few other students, then committed an intricate suicide, one which took four professors to figure out. He created just enough poison and ingested just enough to kill himself with it almost being undetectable. If it weren't for the supplies missing from the storeroom, no one could have known how he died. It was said in the news report the fellow was "unsociable, and was always upset that everybody was so talkative and difficult to get along with." I've also found that folks that choose to teach their children at home do on most occasions make the rest of us "working women" to feel subordinate. I can't imagine what it will be like if God ever blesses me with my own kids.

I'm with Rechelle - let the fire fly. I'm willing to take it. I like you Heidi request that it be at least polite, and not a political argument.

Heidi said...

Thanks for your comment Jennifer! I like a good discusion and this has really got people talking about this subject. How sad to hear that this person commited these horrible crimes. I dont think that his home schooling was the ultimate issue though. When I was in school there were PLENTY of kids that were unsociable, withdrawn and ridiculed on a daily basis for what ever the reasons. The jocks dished out a lot of crap and these kids suffered for it.

Thank you for being polite about it Jennifer - it is nice to know that some can agree to disagree without being nasty. Thanks!!

Heidi said...

As for the liberal/conservative that is another post!! LOL

Breathe said...

You know, there are mean people who homeschool, mean people who public school, mean people who private school.

It really has nothing to do with school.

Cheryl B. said...

Hi Heidi - I have missed you oh, so-o-o, BAD!!! I keep 'meanin to' stop over, and then later, after having turned this thing off and heading to actually accomplish something, then I remember 8-/.

I read back to the last post I remembered reading ... my goodness!! That was the end of July. Can you see how embarrased I am? And I had told you I was a friend. SORRY!!

I was embarassed enough, and missing you enough, that I got really brave and tried subscribbing to you via "My Yahoo!". Your the first I've tried that one with! The others I subscribe to all come via email ... we'll see if it worked .... hope so!!!

As I went reading, my heart grew heavier and heavier for you!! Oh Heidi, in a way I can totally relate to so much that is happening in your life. Really wish I didn't to be honest with you. Around April, Brian had 75 % of our income taken away from him. OUCH!!! We went into a huge hole real quick like!!! We applied for the president's "mortage mitigation program" only to be told we didn't qualify - we weren't in debt enough!!! Can you believe it? Because we had been striving so darn hard to "live with in our means" we had only been 21 % of his income in debt. But then we lost 75 % of that. But that didn't matter. Now, if we had been over 30 % in debt = if we had had more than one charge card, or bought new vehicals, or .... THEN they would have helped us. Unbelievable!!!

A-n-y-ways, the Lord did his own miracle of sorts via our wonderful sons choosing to move back home and we have been able to keep our house.

But I know that doesn't really even begin to equal losing "the farm". If I had it girl - I would most definetly want to share it with you!!! Hard working, God fearing, family oriented, yeah. You would definetly qualify under my 'requirements'. :->

A few years back, Brian got the ends of two fingers chopped off vai the steel shear at his work. It's a long road back! Both for the patient and his nurse.

Every set of parents are responsible both to their children and to God to decide what the best methodology is for themselves in raising up and training up their children. PERIOD!!! Everybody has 'opinions'. And yes, they are usually based on 'something'. But not everybody is responsible for YOUR children. YOU know them. YOU are the ones whom ultimitly have to bear the outcome of your decision. Therefore, stick to your guns and decide based on what the Lord has led you to feel is best for your own!!!

Well, I've rambled on enough here. Sometime could you please email me your 'snail mail' mailing address? Send it to pink bunnies (at) sbc global (dot) net. Thanks!!

The Lord also gave us a oh so special blessing this past spring. I posted about her today ;-} http://thehousethatlovebuilt.xanga.com/714016342/item/

Honest, your FRIEND!!
Cheryl B.

p.s. - real glad to see that you are still head over tail 'in desire' for your husband o;-p

p.p.s. - way back when you asked for recipies which you were going to then try and post about ... start there.

Heidi said...

Cheryl - I love you!

Thirkellgirl said...

I've always liked Rechelle's blog, but I also felt hurt after reading her last couple posts about homeschooling. We've homeschooled for 14 years, and I always hasten to tell people "it wasn't a philosophical choice, it was just the right choice for us." I've known wonderful public and private-schooled kids, and some really horrible homeschooled kids. But *my kids are wonderful homeschooled kids. :)
I think Rechelle's got a boatload of anger percolating in there, and if letting it out on her blog means she doesn't whack people in real life, that's good. Lol.

Heidi said...

OH Thirkellgirl - thank you so much for stoping over. Please forgive my mis spellings, I am basically illiterate ya know. :) My hubby was reading the comment on how Jennifer - not the jennifer here but a differant one - was saying she was afraid for my kids being homeschooled because of my spelling...he shrugged and said, Dr's can barely write their names and they save lives.... :) point taken.

LDF said...

Heidi, I cried right out loud when I read Jennifer's comment about being afraid for your kids being homeschooled because of your spelling or grammar! (Most embarrassing when reading blogs at work ...) That was just plain NASTY and uncalled for. Thank God your husband had a response that put her comment into perspective. Some of the most wonderful teachers have atrocious spelling, and some of the best spellers around are horrible teachers! Blog discussion is a good thing. Personal attacks ARE NOT! I'm not going to way in on the homeschooling thing cuz I believe that's a decision parents have to make based on their own beliefs and values, and therefore should be honored (not attacked!) for their decision. So let's all move on to other topics now! Hang in there, Heidi, you are a BEE-OO-TEE-FULL individual with some pretty durned fabulous little lads!!!!!

LDF said...

Ooops! Speaking of grammar errors ... that should have been "WEIGH in on the homeschooling thing" ... so much for my university degree!

~ Sara ~ said...

All I'm going to say is... what is it with some people?! I was home-schooled from the 6th grade on.

Yes I'm a little odd... but I was that way before being home-schooled so :). What gets me with these kind of people is, they act exactly like the people they so evidently dislike. BUT it's OK for them to have an opinion and voice it.

I will say this. I don't know you personally, I do think the world of you, and if you truly think of that woman as a friend, you deserve better friends. Hugs from SWMO!

Anonymous said...

Hi hun,

We are all different people with different needs, wants and wishes -which is why we are all so very special..The important thing on to homeschool/not to.. is to decide what, as a parent, you feel benefits your child and helps them to grow into the wonderful human beings that they are :) You have chosen to homeschool - a decision that I greatly admire..(mine went to school)..You are a wonderful lady and I know will do a great job..I was bullied terribly at school and would have LOVED to have been home schooled.
Ignore those who want to pull you down - you know your babies and what is best for them - GO GIRL!!
Sue :)

Nita said...

My daughter went to public school her whole life and did well. Went on to college and now has started a family of her own. My sister homeschooled her twin daughters. I didn't really agree with it at the time, but changed my mind with the times. If I had a school age child now I would not want them in Government run schools. My nieces graduated at age 16. They are 19 now and speak fluent Japanese.....they are very smart well rounded young ladies. They were active in a lot of activities that didn't have anything to do with home schooling. I say, if you are able......do it! The things they teach them in government schools now days should be against the law. And what about the Obama song?