Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WOW!!!!! Wow!! WOOOZA! Well folks, it looks like I have annoyed some people about my Homemade cough syrup.. yup.. they are mad. First of all folks, I will apologize for not answering your questions. Second, get over it... I know that sounds a bit cold - but really guys, I have not been on here in YEARS... and its a recipe that is not my own. I shared it with the intent of being helpful - what I shared is all I know.. as in most 'home grown' recipes, its trial and error... People wanted information on dosing. Really? seriously? I am not a dr. nor a pharmacist nor an herbalist - so dosing is not something I will speak on at all. So all I can say is this. Take your own chances on using the cough syrup... just like everything else in life, USE GOOD JUDGEMENT!.