Friday, September 11, 2009

Always remember.....

John A. Hofer
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It has been 8 years since the tragedy.I did'nt realize John was on the first plane. I was told later by my best friend that he was gone! To this day he is missed by all of us that knew him. I wear my braclet that was given to me every year.I miss his laugh and hanging out at the places we used to visit. My thoughts and prayers are with him,his friends and family. He is truley missed.
~ Julie, Seal Beach, California September 11, 2008
I used to work at Homerun Pizza, in Lakewood Ca and got to know John and his daughter very well. I think of him every year and miss him dearly! I remember all the life lesson he taught me, and his great jokes!!
~ Sara, Lakewood, California September 11, 2008
My boyfriend, Ken Chandler knew John well and to this day, he still sheds tears and can't talk about it. He was greatly loved by him and he misses him still. He is now an angel watching over his family and friends. God bless you, John, and your family. T
~ Teri Heatley, Long Beach | Contact Me September 08, 2008
I don't know you but your name has always remained in my memory when it comes to September 11th. As a fellow Bellflower resident, your untimely loss has always hit me close to home although I never met you. May god be with you, and you will never be forgotten so long as I live.
~ Luis L., Bellflower, California June 06, 2007
In memory....
~ P Tabbernor, Victoria, British Columbia

This Man was killed on September 11, 2001 - I joined a site and of course forgot to link it, that was wanting people to write down a tribute to the fallen. This was all I could find about this man... Rest in Peace John and I hope that next year I can find more about you and make this a tribute worth writeing in your memory!


Donna said...

At least you've brought life to his name. Many of the victims have even less information available about their lives. I've been blessed to so far have been designated people I can find information about.

Mrs Mom said...

Amen Heidi.

Never Forget, America.
Never. Forget.

Karen Deborah said...

Good for you Heidi, a personal tribute. I am sorry that you lost friends in that act of war. I won't forget it either. I don't think our government is on the right track with this anymore, but our troops are. God bless these families and all our servicemen.

Jennifer said...

I was a little too close for comfort.

Anonymous said...