Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The rest of my morning....

So its about 7 am right now and I left you hanging my a thread yesterday! So here ya go - and dont forget you asked for it LOL

After I get the first load of laundry in and the Rug Rats up, dressed and fed I try to make sure that I have the kitchen cleaned and ready for lunch. Dinner (lunch) at our house has a way of being at any time of day - 10, 12, 3 - you name it. When they are hungry they are fed, so there is a revolving door on the kitchen! As the boys are eating I make thier beds, pick up the cloths on the floor and try to make it look habitable. Then I go scrub the toilet while the boys watch either Curious George or Veggie Tales - we have most of those dvd's I think. Anyway, the dreaded toilet scrub - I hate it - We have 1, yes I said 1, toilet in the house and 2 showers. With boys I am sure that you all know they have an 'aiming' issue. The little boys are not so much of a problem because they are closer to the rim of the toilet. The older boys, Palmer and Dale - well they chose to go outside because we have a walk out basement and wiz in the woods next to the house - that I can handle. However, the Milk Man is 6 foot 5 1/2 inchs tall so he has aiming issues. He says its becaue he is so far from the toilet - I told him to kneel, he did not laugh, but I sure did.. **snort snort** In other words the outside of the toity needs as much work as the inside. I have threatened to put a gutter around the bottom of the toilet because they know what that is for! LOL Here again I laugh - he doesnt.... Getting away from this nonsense, I am supose to be posting about my morning, man do I get sidetracked.

So after the potty scrub I clean up the dish's from breakfast wave #2 and start the dish washer - thank our Gracious Lord for those. I scan the fridge for anything that may turn into a science experiment and either feed to someone or throw it to the pigs/cats/dogs/chickens/kids - they eat anything ya know.

By this time its 9:30 ish and I am headed for load of laundry #3 - the kids are done with the little bit of tv they get in the morning so we have devotions out of a kids Bible - they LOVE this. Needless to say Lispy has so many questions that I could have the pastor come over and he would be stumped... He is SO in the why stages! When we are done with these they head outside to feed the hord of cats, Big Sons racing pigeons (homers that we dont race)and to pick up anything that is in the yard that should'nt be - twine, toy tractors, dog crap - no wait I do that - then we do any yard or garden work that needs doing before it gets to warm out and the sun hits the house to much. We dont have central air so I let the house get good an cool in the early morning. After that i shut it so its stays cool in there till evening comes again. Most days we look at all of the gardens and flowers to check for water needs, weed pulling needs and the bird feeder/water needs. We take care of that stuff and try to enjoy a little bit outside - an hour or so - I REALLY try to educate my boys on why we need to care for things and to enjoy/appreciate what we have been given. Everything in life is a gift and should be treated with respect and appreciation for what it is - especially animals.

About now the Milk Man will call from the farm and let me know what is going on in his day and what he is going to need from me so I can plan for my afternoon. Most times he just needs to have a bit of help but depending on the time of year it could be anything. Dehorning, castraiting, vaccinateing, rock picking, hay unloading, wagon hauling, shit shoveling or a variety of all! LOL If he doesnt need me for anything I have a little bit slower of a day and try to catch up on the things that I dont get to do everyday, like patching and mending the boys/Milk Mans pants/shirts etc. So here we are at about noon and I have LOTS to try to get done yet! But Big Son and Lispy are usually great helpers, well at least they are a warm body! LOL

I am going to skip ahead to evening, my favorite time of day when this walks through the door to meet me with a passionate kiss and loveing embrace:

Of course thats me with him! Why would you doubt! Sure I had to wear a blonde wig and all but thats me - I SWEAR!!


Suzanne said...

Your day is really full. It's lightly structured, allowing for anything. I guess you must be really flexible to work a dairy farm. Like you said, it's alway something!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Heidi said...
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Train Wreck said...

You are one busy, HOT pregnant lady! Quick on your feet, and almost ready to have a baby! What a woman! I know all about those aimin issues!! We only have one bathroom,I know, I can't believe it either! I tell them to sit, forget kneeling! They'd probably get even more distracted!! Seriously though should'nt you be slowing down a wee bit?

The W.O.W. factor said...

I laughed so hard reading your current 2 posts! (found ya via TrainWreck...) Now I have to go read some more!! You women with 5 kids, amaze me!

spanki said...

i am so glad to hear that someone else has a toilet issue! i sit here and type in my pink rubber gloves!! having 4 boys, peeing outdoors is a welcome and encouraged thing! but, my daughter who is 2, has also picked up the habit! explain that one to the other mommies at play day at the park!!

~Nan said...

I just found you and will remain a constant reader. I haven't laughed so much in forever. By the way...sure looks like MY honey you're dancing with there! LOL

Mrs Mom said...

LOLOLOLOL.... oh boy (or BoyS?) Do they EVER learn? I too encourage outdoor puddle time. We have but one potty, and its also a daily thing here to clean up after the guys... (and I only have 4- TWO of which are SUPPOSED to know better. Riiiiight...)

Laundry is calling to me, and here it sit still, cause its so darn entertaining here! ;)

Oh- but the mare outside the window is telling me she finished her prebreakfast hay, and the pony is itching, and the kids need clean shorts, and and and and.....!