Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lispys Rooster Rampage...

As I begin this post I need to put up a disclaimer: The language used by said children in this post is not taught nor encouraged by said parents... However, said children pick these words up from older brothers whom are impossible to correct when said language is used - there for we end up with a swearing Lisper! Let the fun ensue -

Lispy, as we know has a speech 'challenge' and certain words, letters and phrases are not always easily understood. On the farm we have chickens and therefore a couple of unruly roosters. These roosters are mean and if we can ever catch them, they WILL be soup. We also have an AWSOME cow dog named Sambo, aka Sam or as Lispy calls him - Tam.... Early this spring I came home from work and as I drove in the yard I saw Sam take off down the hill on a full run after one of the rotten roosters. As this happened Lispy was pointing a stick and yelling, completely unaware that I had driven in the driveway. As I got out of the car I heard and saw Lispy yelling profanity at the rooster. I called to him and asked him what was going on. He promptly swung around around and this was the conversation - please forgive the profanity used by a certain 3 year old -

Me - Lispy whats going on?

Lispy - Hi Mamma - I tigged (sigged ) Tam (sam) on the damn wooster(rooster).

Me trying to keep my composure - Lispy, why did you sig Sam on the DARN rooster - notice the ok word reinforcement.

Lispy - Mamma I didn’t say darn I taid (said) Damn wooster.

Me - I know what you said but we should say darn - anyway, why did you sig Sam on the rooster.

Lispy - I tigged Tam on that wooster cuz that baserd (bastard) wooster, him tacked (attacked)me! Dirty baserd - pappa thuck (grandpa chuck) told me to tig Tam on the baserd when him wuns (runs) at me and me did it. Tee Mamma - I had my tick (stick) in my hand like pappa thuck told me and him till tryed to tack me - him being real athshole (a-hole) today. You wanna thoot him for me mamma - you pridy dood sot (shot).

At this point, what am I suppose to say? How am I suppose to discipline the language when it seems trivial to the situation that he was in. Needless to say we had yet another discussion with the boys - Palmer and Dale - about the language they use in the barn or anywhere when the boys are around. I tried to emphasize the fact that most of the language is unnecessary but I can understand when someone is frustrated that those are ALWAYS the words that seem to come out. As I said before, please don’t judge my children’s language on parenting skills or lack of. I know ALL kids have a few words now and then - Lispy just prefers to share them with the rest of the world.


Mrs Mom said...

OMG!! LMAO Heidi!!!!!! Lispy is priceless... I love it... this was EXACLTY what I needed-- your timing is impecable.. (Or is that imPECKable? LMAO)

I love your stories Heidi and always look forward to you having time enough to sit down to write!

Arent kids the darndest things? LOL

Suzanne said...

HA HA HA HA.....That is so funny! Believe me, this happens to everyone and I'm telling you I would have had a very difficult time keeping my composure. Actually, I would have had to run in the house and bust out laughing.

I HATE roosters. As far as I'm concerned.... what lispy said!!!!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Peggy said...

I love it!!! Wish I had had Lispy with me last evening when the goats were out. He could have said the words better than me. LOL

goatgirl said...

Lispy is a doll. Anyone that has been tacked by a wooster understands. Enjoyed your blog.

Take a Deep Breath said...

Oh my sounds like some of the times that we have had with one of our four kids.
Like the time one of the older kids were acting up and the baby at the time which was Probably Lispy's age told us to "whip him ass momma, whip him ass".
I love kid stories as that is all I seem to write about. You will have to check out my site.

Karen Deborah said...

ROFLOL, how stinkin cute! I think I'da gone and got my gun by golly!

spanki said...

we have been there too girl! thank heavens for 3 yr old speech! at least if you are in public you can smile and act as though they said something totally different! but once my 3 yr old actually took off his flip flop and started waving it at someone in traffic telling them momma was gonna whip him ass!! i couldn't deny that one!

Nancy said...

I had to laugh reading Lispy's story! Who wouldn't? Poor little guy, the rooster was after him, and he was going to protect himself with the dog's help! Bless his heart! And he was so serious, too!

Art Linkletter (probably way before your day) used to have a TV show "Kids Say the Darnest Things," and he would have absolutely loved Lispy!!!

I found your blog through Horse Feathers Daily Journal...Drop by my blog and take a peek. No roosters, just 33 cats!

Heide said...

I would've ticked Tam on the baturd too. I hates woosters. While growing up I lived in fear of a bante named Arnold.

Paige said...

Lispy might be the funniest kid in the blog world.
When I was a teenager, I was sure I would never use the F word--now I cannot get out a sentence without it.

I think it is delayed gratification.

Surely Lispy won't have that!

It all works out in the end