Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Big Sons New Shower Phrase....

Well everyone I am still here waddeling around like a pond seeking duck. They are going to take the little bugger on the 30th so I have 14 days - 14DAYS!!!! to get all the stuff done in my life that I have ever wanted to do - like till the garden. I have a dr. apt tommorow and WILL be picking up a digital camera so that I am able to have that in the hospital with me instead of the frigin disposable ones. With this purchase comes the oportunity for me to take pictures of our farm and its contents, going ons and etc. We bailed 200+ big round bales in the last 2 days and not a picture was taken!! This need to be remidied immediatly I say!! So to tide you over till then, I am going to give you another post about Big Sons transition into showering on his own.

He really must be enjoying this part of his life, because all the years I would assist him with his hygene he NEVER ONCE made up stuff like he does when he is alone. Yesterday morning he was in the shower early because we have Vacation Bible School this week and he wanted to be mr. clean jeans. I came up to the door and knocked, he now wants me to knock, and reminded him to clean is 'wiener'. Our boys are uncircumcised (spelling?) so it requires a weeeee bit extra maintanance. Here is were I will apologzie if anyone doesnt not like to read about my childrens body parts, but as thier mother I find it imperative to make fun of it - just not in front of him of course!! As I was standing there, just in the door way, he said "Ok mom, here it goes - Open Seasame...... There he's out!" What the heck am I supose to say??? He is talking about his "manly hygene' here like it was a game show answer!!! At this point I am trying to remain serious about making sure he is washing properly, without watching because he is modest remember, and not laugh myself into a coma. Finally, he assured me that 'he' was clean and properly 'put away'......

The Milk Man's point of view was - "He hasnt named him yet?" This brought an exagerated eye roll from me of course - how goofy to name 'it'.

Hopefully I get that camera tommorow so that I am able to show you things that are of importance around here, not wiener songs.
So that is where I leave you today, probably wishing you had not read my post for today. That or thinking of asking hubby what his 'manhood's' name is!!!


Train Wreck said...

LMBO!! Little boys and their "Wieners!" As far as naming it, I don't think my boy have named theirs, not that they ever mentioned! Reminds me of "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days!Crack me up!! I love your stories of your kids! If "People" can get approval for posting the north end of a south bound man, I see no reason why a little fellas lower extremity is offensive!
14 days? are you so ready?? I can't wait to see the ... girl, boy? Have posted what you are having? I will have to check!

Suzanne said...

I'm thrilled that you will be getting the digital camera. I can't wait to see what going on at the farm. No photos of hygiene please!!! Ha ha.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Take a Deep Breath said...

Yeah for the camera.
Arent kids hillarious!
Good luck with the baby I wish you all the best and cant wait to see a picture of that little booger!

Jeanne said...

Heidi, You made me laugh out loud. My dh said whats so funny? I said nothing. That didn't work, so I read him your post. He laughed too of course.

Seriously, good luck with your new baby to be. Maybe it's a girl.

From Jeanne, also mother of five, now grown. thank you Lord. Smile.

goatgirl said...

tallywhacker.....that's all I'm saying.

Peggy said...

I didn't know they named them until I had grandsons. One of them kept saying George needs to water the grass and I didn't understand till one of the other grandsons told me what George was. I had to hide to laugh and think of your sons weiner song.

Mrs Mom said...

Oh come on now Heidi Girl- are you telling me you didnt know guys NAMED those things? LOL.... We have spouts and a "hootie" in our home. (Dont ask-- I know not the origin of "hootie", and am Not So Sure that I even WANT to go there to find out!)

Cant wait to see the new little one when he gets here!!!! Just think--- hot flashes will go away-- for a little while..hehehehe

Keep things coming when you can! Cant WAIT to see the results of your digital pics!!!!!

Karen Deborah said...

Your going to rototill? Is this to bring on the labor of your garden?
you are hoot. My only recomendation with boys and their tallywacker, willies, didee's etc,..is that father and son match. I'm a nurse you can't say nuttin.

Holly Tree Primitives said...

o.k., I do NOT know what I will do if I hear of my son naming his manhood. I thought this was something stupid that men did, not something hilarious that boys do.

Oh Pictures! Wonderful, can't wait to see them.


The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL AGAIN! I do remember our son's first shower "alone"...and talking him 'through it'...God only knows if it worked!
I thought all boys gave names...never have asked how they come up with them tho, & not sure I want to know!
2 weeks...and you are still in great humor! Pregnancy does well with you! Keep it up!

Nancy said...

I never heard of naming "it" before. Kids will be kids....guess that's just a healthy part of growing up. But the way you told it was so comical!