Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Random Poll....

When I started blogging a few short weeks ago, I had in mind for a few posts but was not sure what people wanted to hear about. The Milk Man thought I should post what I do in a day - like the cooking, cleaning, child wrangleing, cattle tossing, pig poking, chicken chasing etc... I plan on doing all of that, but what else would you like to hear about. Would you like to know how hay is 'made', or what I cook, how to feed a new calf, how I smoke and season my own bacon, my garden, my obsesion with Antonio Banderas (did I just say that out loud), the Milk Mans habits..... I LOVE to write about my boys, but I would hate for anyone to get 'fed up' with hearing about Lispy's lack of language etiqute or Big Sons 'body' songs!! Would you want to hear about how Palmer and Dale came to live with us, how I met the Milk Man, fell in love or anything else?? Leave me a comment and I will try to post on a variety of things throughout the next few weeks/months. The thing that I want to use this blog for the most, is to further the education of people about REAL FARMING - not comercial farming or corperate farming - But the honest to goodness family farm that has all but disapreared. I want people to be able to understand how hard it is to farm - physically, financialy and emotionaly. SO - I would love your opinions and comments about this.... AND I plan on posting a little today about how most of my mornings go - so here you go..

I am the first one up in the morning and my alarm is set for 4am. I am not one that can 'lay in bed' and hit the snooze because I have a list in my head of things I need to get done that day. That list gets longer as the day goes on, but ya gotta get a head start ya know. However, I do set it later at times, depending on my 'list' and what Milk Man needs from me that day. By 4:30 I have dressed, gotten cloths ready for Milk Man, he needs some assitance with this because he is the youngest child and his mother spoiled him...did I just say that out loud? Yup, I did!! SO, in honesty, he doesnt like to 'mess up' the drawers in the morning - translation: its to far to the dresser when I am already up!! LOL Or I have not had a chance to put away all the socks and underwear for a week ok!

After I get him started, I yell down to the older boys and start getting breakfast ready. Sometimes, depending on what we are having for breakfast, I yell at them after I get started. They have a 15 min time limit to be dressed and to the table for the meal - they tend to drag their butts so I have no choice but to have an iron fist about this! While they scarf down a dozen eggs, 6 pieces of toast, 1 1/2 lbs bacon, I try to get a start on my 5 loads of laundry for the day, then they go feed the pigs and I make thier lunchs for the day. When this is acomplished they leave for the farm where the milk cows are and I am left with what the whirl wind left behind. Most of the time they are out of the house between 5:30-6:00 am.

I get the kitchen cleaned up, 1st load of laundry in for the day and then have my coffee. This is when I sit and weep like a baby at what I have put on the list for myself.... So many people say, I could'nt/wouldnt do all that - but when its your life and your family, you will do what needs to be done to take care of them because that is what your part is, to make sure that the family runs well and that they are happy. For 13 years I worked full time, but now with 5 kids, hubby and farm I am no longer able to do it all. I am wearing out I think. LOL We have SO much less $$, but I have found that I am SO much happier... Its been a good trade! ANYWAY, by now I have made my bed, hung out the 1st load of laundry, put in the 2nd and read through what I have planned for the day and see what can be doled out to the free labor around here, I mean the kids. I make a meal planner for 2 weeks at a time so I can make less trips to the store and know EXACLTY what I need to purchase, so I am already makeing plans for supper. I go to the basement where the older boys have thier rooms and look for toxic waste for the night before - i.e. popcorn bowls, pop cans, cups, plates - you name it. I tote that all upstairs to be decontaminated and then wake up the second shift of breakfast seekers, unless they have already gotten up... its about 7:30-8am

I think this is enough reading for you all today - I dont want to fuse your retna's on the first day of my crazy life in words! So till tommorow - keep your pants on or end up like me..


Peggy said...

I want you to write about it all! Everything you listed I want to know! So spill your guts girl!! And I will never get tired of Lispy stories

Mrs Mom said...

Holy Crap Heidi, we need to get together here woman...lol While I only have 3 testosterone driven beings (and the Husband,) a couple of horses to care for, and 2 dogs, .... Girl I SO feel your pain there!!!!

Ya know the best part about this blogging stuff? I learned that I Am Not Alone Out Here.

And I agree with Miss Peggy! I wanna hear about it all, (even the hay part .... it will bring back memories of what I no longer have to do: ie: fix fence afte rthe balck baldies got out- again, make abnd put up 3000 60# square bales, drive fences, take care of child, take care of inlws... chase chickens when they got out, help calving... yada yada yada..)

Oh- and Lispy Stories Rule!! ;)

Suzanne said...

Heidi - Well, you know how I feel about what you should be writing. YES, you should be writing about what happens day-to-day on a real family farm. I think it's interesting and educational. Perhaps some mom's who are homeschooling could make your blog required reading. Just lets us know, one story at a time.

I'm partial to dairy farms you know, because I spent some time on a friends farm in Wisconsin when I was a kid. It was so cool to see the "cows come home" in the evening to be milked. But I'll tell you honestly that no one envied the dairy farmer's life. It was non-stop morning to night. And no, the cows cannot skip a milking just because you might want to go off for a weekend.

And lady ... YOU GOT IT. Your statement about your responsibilities in the family tell me that YOU GOT IT. You are the CEO, the greaser of wheels and cooker of meals. It's the business we're in and I for one will not say that it's any less important than a job in the corporate world.

I'm a big fan of the Milk Man's Wife.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

goatgirl said...

I just want to hear anything about farm life.....with a few Lispy quotes thrown in.

Karen Deborah said...

all of it! I wish I lived in the country and I'm getting old and it'll probably never happen so please please tell us how you do all that stuff,..and love stories? do tell do tell,..
and Lispy is my favorite kind of child.