Friday, May 22, 2009


YOU PEOPLE ARE SO FUNNY!!! I am not scared of ANY of you!!! and There are NONE of you guys that I want to block because you dont comment - GOOFBALLS!!!! There is one person that got to my blog by looking up showering with son and this IP has been here 2 times for the same thing.... I dont want them coming back!! THATS ALL!!! LOL I think I will take CoffeMans advice cuz it seems like the smart thing! I fibbed(sorry) when I said that I had visited their blog... they dont have one...I just didnt want to get into a discusion about it or say what it was - SO that is my confession, please forgive me and dont hold it against me. I dont want ANYONE to feel paranoid for not commenting, wait maybe I do and then they will comment more!! *snort* JUST KIDDING - Please ALL of you keep coming and dont you dare feel like I am talking about you! OK?!?!?!?

Thanks to you all, your great and I appreciate each of you! Your all my BFF's!!!!


Heide said...

Whew. Thank you for clarifying that. The searches people use to stumble across blogs can indeed be quite alarming. I have a friend with breast cancer and two years ago I held a contest asking people to knit prosthesis breasts. I still get perverted searches that hit on my blog because of that.

COFFEE MAN said...

Nods , it can be alarming when it happens , however its simply because of the way search engines work , best thing to do is not be concerned about why / how it happens and ignore it .

Now , About this fibbing !!


Taking poll here , how many think she needs to send us all Homemade bread for fibbing ?

" Watches hands fly up all over the world "

Mrs Mom said...

Oooo!! Coffeeman, you might seriously be onto something there. Ya think her arms will fall off, making all that bread for us?? hehehehe

People are strange creatures Heidi. Chin up!

Loves to you, my dear girl, and squeeeeeeze those babies from me!!

DayPhoto said...

We love coming here, so keep up the blogging we enjoy you posting.


dickiebo said...

Got my hand up, as I ain't got much 'dough'!

LDF said...

Good idea Coffee Man! I'm sitting here at my desk at work, it's 11:40 am and I forgot my lunch and I'm alone today so can't run out to grab something to eat ... send some of that homemade bread this way QUICK would ya!!! There are strange people out there in the world, Heidi. Sometimes you just gotta shudder when they intrude into our worlds.

Freth :-p said...

Got any great recipes for cheese?

No? okay ... how about a great recipe that includes cheese?


Jody Blue said...

Do you know all that info from your cluster map??

Karen Deborah said...

boy am "I outta the loop a couple of days at work and the whole post is in a stew. did some freak show up?

and by the way, I like coffee man, why doesn't he ever visit any of the rest of us?


Heidi said...

Karen, I would tell you he is shy - but you KNOW I would be lying!!! LOL

Jody, no I have a stats counter up in the left hand corner that I log into to see whats going on.. :) Milk Man says its to torture myself... LOL dork..the Milk Mans a dork, not you - :)

Dandelionmom said...

I would get "boys Bath" hits all the time on wordpress-I finally took all the tags and categories off of everything (I think most were coming from wordpress searches maybe)--the post was my little guys in the tub with baby ducks and I even mispelled bath (baftime) to try to avoid the creeps!

once you start trying to block creeps your blog may become too much work. I am glad you told who you were trying to block--I was afraid big son was having issues at school again...

Baba said...

You are so Funny! LOL

Greenmare said...

hey ho! gosh I have been OUT of the loop!!! my goodness, popping boobs and showering with boys! snark!
I'm trying to make a comeback, but I'm so totally distracted by the outdoors right now! birds and flowers, and such.......... hmm, maybe the beer on the porch has something to do with it?
well, I NEED the pain killer remember?

Mrs Snow said...

Hi hun,

I agree.. To say sorry I think that your home made bread should be on its way to us all..Plus could you sneak in abottle of the home made cough syrup??..YUMM!! I mean err COUGH COUGH!! :)

Love, Light & Blessings,

Sue :)

Allison said...

Hi - I found your blog by searching for info on how to ban a specific IP from a blogspot blog. I *think* there is a way to do it via The site is not letting me register for an account, and I am waiting for the customer service reps to get back to me. So the answer is...maybe.

I told my blog not to show up in search engines. Go to "settings" on your dashboard, then click on "basic." Select "no" for "add your blog to our listings?" and "let search engines find your blog?" Prior to taking my blog off search engines, I got some rather interesting hits, but I think "showering with son" crosses the line from "interesting" to "ick." :)

I do know that it is easy to ban IPs using WordPress, if that helps at all.