Thursday, May 14, 2009

On My Way HOME!!!

Hello everyone!! This is just an update that I am ON MY WAY HOME!!!! YIPPEEE!!! If you havnt guessed by now, I like to be home.... I miss the Milk Man and dont sleep well at all when I am not in close vacinity to him - in others words, snuggled up in his strong embrace and breathing in his freshly showered skin. SO - It has went well, I am SO NOT a city girl and would never be able to be here for long. In the summer of 1990 I lived in Torrance California for 3 months - 8 blocks from Redondo beach - Its a 'part' of L.A. - it darn near killed me. I mean, you can only shop so much and lay in the sun for so long or surf in the ocean for so long before this country girl missed the smell of cow poop.... man, does this sound like a homesick post or what? Anyway - the big city is not for me. I have missed going outside to water the cows the cats in my nightgown... *snicker* yes I have done this - or going to check on a cow in the barn at midnight with a housecoat on and barefoot...yes I have done this too - OH dont look so suprised - its me we're talking about here ya know! Anyway - see you all soon and I have SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO missed you all!!!


The Milk Mans Wife


LDF said...

I'm not a big city girl either, so I know exactly what you mean. Safe travels home!

Domestic Diva said...

my mom used to joke that as when she moved me out the country at age 4, i was a outright city girl. wouldn't go outside without shoes, and something covering my hair, lol. and that a few short years later, i was a 4-h and ffa kid running around in the lamb and goat pen barefoot. :)

Mrs Mom said...

AMEN to THAT Sweet Sister of mine! When we go somewhere, I miss the sounds of my horses outside my room at night... and the smell of horse in the morning.

Hurry Home Milk Maid! I am sure the Milk Man misses you as much as you do him! ;)

Squeeze those babies from me, and drop a line when you can!! (*ahem* that would be A-F-T-E-R you two reunite...hehe)

Ye Merrie Quilter said...

I grew up out in the country (for the most part) then went to a large town for school and have been longing to get back out to the country ever since. DH grew up in the big city and loves the hustle and bustle. We live on the edge of town where I can *see* the country from here. It's a compromise.
But don't you worry--I see a lady every morning in her pj's walking her dog. In the city. In broad daylight.
Welcome home!