Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hello From Training!

Well everyone we are here in the Holiday Inn - hillbilly in a high rise.... I will to write more later, but right now - I have to sit on my butt and listen to our trainer talk..... This is harder than a full day of work! Love you all - HI PAM C!!!! not to be confused with HI C... *snort* Later Mater --


Mrs Mom said...

*waving frantically from ground below*

Hi Heidi!!!!!

Don't let yer tush fall asleep from sitting all day! ;)

Suzanne said...

Woo Hoo!!!! You be sure to pay attention to your learnin'.

Does that Holiday Inn have a cement pond?

- Suzanne

Domestic Diva said...

hi heidi :) miss you!

COFFEE MAN said...

Well look at ole ellie may all gussied up and going to the city !

Willow Witch said...

Hey, wake up, I saw your head nod forward, after listening to the monatone voice in a room 3 degrees to hot....go on and on... please change the slide, your eyes crossing...OH YA that was me at the last training meeting, hope you are holding up better... Does my long lost family, really miss me? hugs kisses!