Saturday, December 13, 2008

I made an error....

No the calf is not alive, but the Milk Man said that he died on his own. I assumed he had done away with him. I was not at the farm yesterday morning so - MY BAD!!! We dont do the whole veal thing. I have a cast iron stomach, but the thought of veal just doesnst sit well with me. I have NO problem that people do it, but I just dont want any!!! Milk Man had taken him back to the farm after he had gotten on his feet and seemd to have a little more energy. Milk Man put him under a heat lamp in a bed of straw fit for a king and yet he didnt live. Some just are not ment to. SO - I just wanted to clear that matter up and keep it real...wonder if there is a trade mark on that phrase? *grin* My REALY BAD!! LOL Hope you all have a great day and stay warm. Its pretty warm here this morning its up to 15 right now and may even hit 30!!!!! Frigin heat wave people!

I will try to be back later with something interesting - like... I got nothin, sorry.


Freth :0p said...

We generally didn't kill many cows ... we were selling the milk to Challenge Dairy ... although at least one bull calf turned steer did end up in the meat locaker each year.

Any calves that died were due to genetic defects (two-headed) or due to illness ... and they usually got buried out back of the barn.

It was the occasional pig we raised or chickens that also ended up on the dinner table.

Mama Koch said...

We don't do veal either even tho we occassionally have a young calf that doesn't make it.
Right now, we have a 450lb calf that is going to hamburger meat because of a genetic defect. Her front leg won't support any more weight. I've probably got more money in medicines than I'll be returned in meat, but It's one way.

Life on the farm is always interesting.

kari and kijsa said...

not much into veal either! So sorry about the little calf.
kari & kijsa

Shanda said...

I understand the calf thing. We end up with one in the garage everyyear it seems. My hubby always gives them a good shot of strong whiskey right down the throat. It gives them a burst of energy and makes thwem move around and sometimes it brings them around just enough to make them strong enough to want to suck a bottle. I always feel so sorry for them when they are so cold. The last one we nursed was born in a 19 inch snow storm and was out in it all night and couldn't stand up in the deep stuff. he made it, with much nursing and about 3 days of intensive care in the garage before being moved out to the barn. Ya win some and ya lose some.

I think you have a great blog anf I always read you regulary. I don't understand the need or the want of having yuour own domain unless you are selling something. save your money and use blogger and open up an etsy account and list it right on your blog. Let them do the leg work. Did you know that the popular "Black Friday" was started from a guys blog. He is very rich now from the sales adds placed on his site.

Your little milk dud is sooooo cute in his baptismal outfit. Very adorable.

Merry Christmas and stay warm.

Mrs Mom said...

These things happen Heidi... It takes a special family to run a farm.

As to my visit? Errr.... No thanks! hehe... I'll wait for a bit! Think I'll stick to my over 50* (closer to 75* supposedly this coming week)weather, and call it good!

I'll send you sunshine though! ;)