Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to make Lefse!

Good Morning all! I promised a Lefse post and here it is. I dont know how many of you have eaten Lefse or make it yourself, but this is a staple here at Christmas time.

First you have to have boiled potatoes. I boil mine with the skin on at a low temprature. It takes longer, but your potatoes dont get 'mushy' from taking on to much water.

Once the spuds are done, I strain them but dont let them cool for to long or the skins wont come off very easy. While they are still hot, you want to take off the skin and rice them. Anyone have a ricer??? I got mine at an antique shop because I couldnt find one that I like anywhere else. Her name is Myrtle...dont laugh at the old girl, she has a complex.

When you have riced your spuds they should look like this....

Then you need to add some of the ingredients. I say some, because the flour is the LAST thing that you add.
Take 8 cups of riced potato's - DO NOT PACK THE CUP!! just scoop them up lightly and go from there.

To the spuds add:

1/2 cup of cream

1/4 cup of sugar

1/4 cup of melted butter HOT

1 tblsp salt

This recipe calls for 1/4 cup vegetable oil, but I dont use it. I tried it but did not like the flavor. I did find that it rolled out a 'little' bit easier, but not enough to warrent compromising the taste.

Mix that together with your hands until it is well blended.

This picture was taken by Big Son and his camera skills are a bit to be desired. He was more concerned with looking through the little 'eye hole' as he called it. After you have done this I put mine in the fridge overnight, covered of course. I use my great grandmas earthen ware bowl with a plate over it.

I also put my flour in the fridge because if it ALL stays cold then it is easier to roll. You will find that Lefse is difficult to roll out. It sticks to your roller and everything else. Most people add more flour, BUT by doing that you get a 'dry' lefse and it tastes like - flour - That is where the keep it all cold comes in.

Once you have let this get good -n-cold add 2 cups of flour and mix it again with your hands till the flour is well mixed. I always put it back in the fridge for about an hour so its again - COLD!!! The texture should be a sticky but not like it was before. It should be kind of like a sticky pie crust, but not as firm..... am I making any sense here guys? Its hard to explain - but I will do my best. Now I take out the big guns.... the lefse stick that doubles as a child think I am kidding dont you? I AM I AM - but I have thought about it.. *grin*

The one end is bigger than the other - the bigger end is your handle. Its skinny on one end to get under the rolled out sheet of Lefse.

Then comes the rolling pin. It has grooves in it

Well, that is enough for now - I will finish the rest tommorow. The frying of the Lefse is a challenge too and this has taken me a while to get loaded and typed. Milk Dud is feeling abused so I better go and get him fed, changed and to sleep for a couple of hours so I can clean this house a little bit. Here is a picture of the little munchkin...

It was taken at my folks house on Christmas day - looks like the little girl I have not had yet.


Susan said...

Heidi-it's great you are showing how to make lefse. I made many years ago while in EC. Learned from a Norwegian friend and it was so good. I am sure The Trout would love for me to make them just one more time, at least.

Living on the Spit said...

So not fair...making us wait, but I do not want you to abuse that poor baby.

You know he is going to get mad as heck when he is older and sees that photo...

I can not wait for the rest of the recipe....oh, the recipe for that soup I was nursing...CAMPBELLS chicken noodle with lots of minced garlic and onions added. LOL


Mrs Mom said...

Ya know, I have never heard of this stuff Heidi, but it sure looks and sounds YUMMY!! Anything with taters in it has GOT to be good, right? ;)

Wait a second here---- the little girl you have not had YET??? Heidi, are you planning ANOTHER one already? ;)

Thinking of you here today, as I sit in shorts with my AC running to cool the house a tad. Love you girl!!!! Kisses to the babies from me!!

ang said...

I just found your site and I'm glad I did. I've never heard of lefse? I'm not sure I could make it let alone I'm pondering how to say it...LOL

I look forward to the continuation.

bayouwoman said...

I love the bows photo!!! He's so cute! I've never had lefse. Can you tell me the "origin" as in country? LOL!

Heidi said...

Lef-sa is how it is said - its a Norwegian treat... :)

Big Hair Envy said...

Hola, Chica!!!! I'm very interested in what you are making here, BUT, I can't get past your great-grandma's bowl! WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! ***jealous***

I have a bit of a bowl fetish. We'll have to discuss that one day:) I almost had a meltdown on Friday when I was able to use one fo my great-grandma's bowls to serve yams...It really doesn't take much to please me:)

Karen Deborah said...

I have never had the pleasure of eating lefse, isn't that sad? It's sounding awfully good. I told you that baby was pretty enough to be a girl, and the little pigtails look so cute! Great post Heidi.

Nancy said...

Your baby is beautiful!!! HE looks so content just sitting there, bless his little heart!

I amk copying and pasting your recipe to print. Where would I find the stick and rolling pin? Can they be baked on an electric griddle? I would love to try making them sometime.

Loved the first song!!! Really great!!! I see you have some more to play here, too!

Sounds like you all had a fun time with family!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

The W.O.W. factor said...

Looks like the girl girl you haven't had ....YET????
Are you and the MilkMan hanky panky`in again?
I'll babysit...if you promise a girl! :)