Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am loosing...not weight either.

Hello to the world I have not left behind! We are winding down with harvest, but still have a little bit to do. How is the rest of the world doing? I have been cooking a lot, cleaning...ok not so much cleaning and the house shows it - but I have been trying to motivate myself to do a post. I got nothing people, not sure why. I am not feeling sorry for myself, but I am feeling sorry.. SOOOOOO I am going to post about random stuff..

We had snow on the 9th of October...sad huh.


I got a hair cut... this is before.

This is after... I got my layers back and the natural curl springs up like a pogo stick...
NO there is no picture of the front, a haircut doesnt help your face any.. LOL

This is the Saur Kraut after it is 'crocked'. This is how it looks when I put it in the basement to cure. Yes - thats a rock.

SO - thats it for today. I am going to be starting Christams cooking/baking this week. The Milk Man said I wont get any loving, unless I post daily.... SO, I hope you guys like reading cuz you all know how much I like loving.. *snort* wait, you do know right.. do I have to exlpain it? Why are you all shaking your heads no? I mean who could resist this...

ok, the baby too...


Heide said...

That's either an old picture of the Milk Man and Milk Dud or else you've been busier than you've let on. Glad that harvest is winding down. My parents have just finished cranberry harvest and now they're in the process of packing up and cleaning the warehouse. Farming is back breaking work. Is the rock holding down a plate? My big old crock has been demoted to an umbrella holder because I seldom pickle anything. I'm hoping that my job and housework, etc. will allow me enough time to make some Christmas presents. Everything is such a blur now days. Hugs to you all.

ps word verification: "Chrac" As in the noice my back makes when I get out of bed each morning!

Dawn said...

Glad you're back!

Andi said...

Hi! Good to "hear" from you! I was just thinking about you because I have been making jelly today. I'm about to post about it...Anyhoo, I can't imagine doing all of the canning work you do, as I do most of mine for "fun" and refusal to waste anything...Hope to hear more from you soon!

Mrs Mom said...


Wow your hair looks amazing!! Love that curl.

(insert an evil laugh here) So does this mean that we will be hearing a whole LOT from you now, what with Milk Man with holding? ;)

Smooch those babies from us all please!!!

Minnie said...

Glad you updated. You've been in my thoughts and prayers.

Jody Blue said...

We put a huge bad of water to cover our kraut, then we don't have to skim off the scum. Your hair looks great!! Glad your back and that we got to see...your back.

COFFEE MAN said...

Anyone tries to even get on my property with sour k. and they would meet with the business end of my boot ! Sour K. is from the devil and im pretty sure is listed amoung the "thou shalt nots" in the big book! LOL

Cheryl B. said...

My husband loves sourkraut, he is the only one in this house that does. But so does my brother-in-law, and Brian's unofficial sister, so I started taking a big batch of it cooked with polish sausage chuncks every year to the church Christmas potluck. HAve learned just how many people do like it, and how many of them are the only ones in their house! It's now expected that I will provide it for them o;-p

So-o-o glad to hear from you!!! Seriously!!!

You have beautiful hair, and I'd bet some dlectible homemade chocolate that your face ain't bad like you think either!!!

About the promises from the milk man. Careful girl, or by the end of the summer you'll be taking a picture of him with the newest son up in his arms o;-b!!!

Not to long ago I spent a week out of state with son #1, his wife, and my then four month old granddaughter. Ever since I got home, hubby has been oh so cozy ;-} Think in a few months I'll go visit again o;-b

Cheryl B.

Karen Deborah said...

well it is winter and surely you are ready to have a current picture with the milkman and a NEW baby. that would surely bring some joy.
Your hair looks lovely and there is nothing wrong with your face.