Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good Morning Everyone...

I know you are all waiting with baited breath - but I have been busier than a cat trying to bury poop on a tin roof..... I had to work yesterday and today - left the camera in the car and I am to lazy to go out and get it before I post... really, I am THAT lazy. But, I wanted you all to know that I LOVE you guys and I cant believe the amount of friendship that you guys have poured out on this backwards country girl. Schnitzel and the Trout are WONDERFUL people. I felt like I had known them forever and that no matter what we would be fast friends. I dont know that I have mentioned before that The Milk Man is 1/2 Norwegian and 1/2 German - so that is a HUGE part of our lives. What I mean by that is how we live, what we eat - right down to some of the words we use - like Uffda.. SO - later today and I promise! I will post about our little get together, pictures included. Lispy didnt go on a swearing binge praise God, but he did strip down to his undies in celebration of our new friends arrival...thank the Lord he kept them on... Big Son was on good behavior also and Milk Dud - he's a lover not a fighter.... OH - and in my next post I have a short video for you all to share in. SO, I shall see you later my dear friends. Have to get the kids to VBS this morning, work this afternoon, dr. apt this afternoon and karate this evening.... I hate days like this will all of the 'running' about... love to you all!!


Patricia said...

Wow ! How DO you do it all ? You must have an unlimited supply of energy ! God Love You !!!

TCavanaugh said...

I always say I am going at the speed of life! Sounds like you are too...full tilt no stop. :) I am looking forward to the pictures and description of your new friends.

Mrs Mom said...

Good golly Miss Molly girl- take a breath!!!

OK- better?

We'll hear from ya when we hear from ya sis ;) Squeeze those babies from me please, and don't let your legs fall off with all the goings on!!!

COFFEE MAN said...

waits patiently at coffeeshop !

you done partying yet

Cheryl B. said...

I use to joke about passing myself in our commings and goings ;-p
Where are you working? What do you do there?
Sure hope lipsy leaves his pants on at VBS o:-p


Vickie said...

Looking forward to hearing about your new friends! You take care of what you gotta, and we'll check back ---

Sadie said...

busy here too, lately. Miss you!

Actually, I miss everybody, :( they almost all disappeared lol

eh, well, off to get another cup of coffee... the sun is out, maybe I'll lay out for a bit :)

oh, and no norweigan here, but we are german, german, a smidge of indian, and oh, more german! hehe
Hope everyones havin' a great tuesday!

Karen Deborah said...

you wore me out readin this, are you panting?

Greenmare said...

uff da?
no really? Uff da?
and tell me you don't know any Lena and Ole stories?
please, please tell me just that much?
ahhhh VBS, going to work on the vocabulary are we? good thinking supermom!

Dawn said...

Busier than a cat trying to bury poop on a tin roof. Hmmm. Never heard that one before! I'll have to remember it!

Maybe Lispy will be convicted about his language at VBS!

Beverooni said...

Wow! Reminds me of when I was about your age with four little kids at home and working full-time besides. Couldn't do it now for sure.

I posted something especially for you on my blog. Be sure and check it out.