Friday, April 17, 2009

fuzzy math syndrome....

I have sinned and am falling very short in the math departement.... crap anyway. Ye Merry Quilter has shone me the way to admitting that I am in fact a victim of fuzzy math syndrome.... please forgive me and dont listen to a thing that I say about anything - I know nothing, especially math. My figuring was off because of a decimal point -*hides head in shame* I also used last months base rate - which was higher than this month...... so I screwed up all the way around. IN my defense however, like I have one at this point - and after consulting with the math man of the house - Milk Man - I have come up with a new figure or at least a shot at it.... ready - $.78 per gallon before any expenses or checkoffs are taken.....after paying hauling fee's, mandatory checkoffs for the government, creamry fee's and a crap load of other stuff..... I dont know for sure how much we get per gallon. I am going to figure that out though, no I mean Milk Man is going to figure it out for me... *snicker* I am SO sorry - I have no excuse save one, I am Al Gore's long lost sister that never exsisted. *deer in the headlights look, right eyelid is twitching* please forgive me.. And Ye Merry Quilter - stop checking my math!!! JUST KIDDING - actually, maybe I could send you my numbers and you can do it for me???

NOW, would anyone like to see what a milk check looks like?


Domestic Diva said...

I have fuzzy math syndrome too! Can't do it for the life of me!

yeah, show the milk check! Then all the milking equipment :) I miss it, lol

have a great weekend everyone!!!

Mama Hen said...

I have always had Fuzzy Math Syndrome and now I am trying to teach my 5th grader fractions! Bless his little heart.

Show us around the farm and the check. We would all love it.

Jim said...

I last milked many years ago and would love to see the changes.

COFFEE MAN said...

yes i am well aware of your figure and the fact that the decimal is in wrong place !!! OHHHHHHH wait we talking about Math Figures " grins evil" yes i suffer from fuzzy math as well , so i rely on a new invetion , takes the worry outa it , called a CALCULATOR , chuckles

Miss Annie Sew and Sew said...

Fuzzy math, fuzzy science, fuzzy english, fuzzy kitties. Fuzzy bellybutton lint. It seems as if this stuff hits at the same time our children come alone. I fear our minds become preoccupied with making meals and multi-tasking, and our other skills become placed on the back burner of life...until the kids come home with HOMEWORK!! Wow. NOW we need to actually remember what a synonym is. (Not a recipe ingredient). And physics. Easier to explain using force and resistance. But math is bad, real bad. We are working on dividing fractions in 6th grade...Note the "we". LOL

Karen Deborah said...

fuzzy wuzzy was a bear...the point is still taken! Government "help" is destroying the small farmer be it dairy or any other thing. That it is less than one dollar when a stick of deodorant has gone up to $4, says volumes. OK check your math but keep speaking about the main things. You have something to say.

Ye Merrie Quilter said...

I know there's a joke in there about fuzzy math and the rhythm method resulting in having five boys...but I'll just not say that. We don't know each other well enough and you're Grandma's reading this. :)
I wrote another note to my government representatives asking to look into private farmers and making things easier for those who feed us. The auction post was just heartbreaking.

Mrs Snow said...

Hi hun,

You make me laugh so much!! (Not a good idea after surgery!)...I am like you no good at Maths..But hey..we can't be gorgeous girlies super women & good at Maths as well!!..The men have to shine sometimes :)

Please...more pics of gorgeous cows with their big brown eyes *SIGH*..

Love, Light & Blessings

Sue :)

Dick's Pizza said...

Good stuff. I think my cousin was the last dairy farmer in southern NY (near PA border). Poorest people I knew. Milk check a little skimpy.
I see you have been reading my political rants. This cannot be helpful for your math "issues".