Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have been tagged by Karen D....

Karen D. tagged me, if I wanted to or had time she said - well, I really wanted to do this - I cant believe some of the things she said are SO close to mine!! LOL

7 Things to do before I die... what a downer this one was... LOL

1. Lern to dance the Paso Doble or any latin dance - Salsa, Cha-Cha, Tango....

2. Get back into my high school jeans - Dont you dare laugh, I can hear you ya know!

3. Raise good, solid, Jesus loving kids....

4. Go on a trip with the Milk Man - anywhere is fine

5. Have a tummy tuck and a booby lift...not elargment for God sake. Milk Man says he can fix both problems for me by buying me a better bra that lifts them up and tighter pants that holds it all in - so what if I can breath and I walk around with a swagger like John Wayne.

6. Learn to sew better.

7. Give back to those who have been so good to me.

7 Things I can do.... Oh Gosh, this will take some real thought..... I'm gettin a headache..

1. Ride my Harley - yes I have my own.

2. Kiss the Milk Man and not get into trouble..

3. Break and train horses

4. I can cook - I was a personal chef at one time.

5. Have the Milk Mans baby and not get into trouble....

6. Operate/drive various machinery

7. Milk cows

7 Things I cant do

1. Sit down for long periods of time.

2. Ignore some ones pain - wether emotional or physical

3. Stay angry for very long.

4. Balance the check book well

5. Leave the Milk Man alone... *wink wink*

6. Touch 'crunchy' bugs - NOTHING with a hard shell, freaks me out completly!

7. Weld - Milk Man has tried to teach me. I can do it a little bit but so NOT good at it.

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex.

1. Passion and Love for Jesus Christ.

2. understaind of my many flaws

3. Acceptance of my many flaws

4. Genuine love for family and friends.

5. Sense of humor

6. Sensative/Patient

7. A good father

7 Things I say often

1. I'm pregnant

2. Wanna have more kids?

3. Where are the kids?

4. The kids did that..

5. Do you want to buy my kids? Can I pay you to take my kids?

6. He cant be hungry already!!!


7 Celebrity admirations - no crushs... Ta heck with that - these are all crushs.

1. Antonio Banderas - there is NO OTHER TO MATCH HIM...

2. Sam Elliot

3. Sean Connery

4. Rodney Grant

5. Tom Selleck

6. The Rock - he so does....

7. Robert Duval

Of course the Milk Man has everything that these guys do..... ***blank stare*** Sure he does!!

Thanks Karen D. that was fun....


Peggy said...

Enjoyed your list. Laughed at getting by with so much with the milkman. LOL have a great weekend and take more photos of the milkdud!!!

Heidi said...

Thanks Peggy! After I read it I realized how it sounded. What I ment was most people are 'accused' of an affiar with the milk man - I married the milk man so i can kiss him among other things and no one can say that I am a naughty girl - ok - they still say it but ya know what I mean!!! LOL You have a great weekend also my friend...

Carla said...

There must be something about those 'milkman' that leads to the saying 'he/she's the milkman's baby'! Your list was funny and touching!

Karen Deborah said...

You are so stinkin cute.

Rechelle said...

Heidi - you just crack me up girl!

COFFEE MAN said...

there were soooooo many jokes i coulda run with in this one , Butt , being the caring coffeeman i am , ill let em slide this time . ROFL Ya know though , idf the jeans are tight enough , it shoud shift things in such a manner that the lift wouldnt be necess? Hmmmmmmmmm have to get the old calcalius books out and study that

Train Wreck said...

LOL!! I too really really like Dwayne Johnson!!! hmmm! The ROCK!! Love that eyebrow thing, melting... He is so hot! He also looks like he would be fun, to hang out with. Yes we do have many things in common!!