Sunday, August 24, 2008

I got an award..... actually 2 of them...

First of all, Nancy gave me an award that I had not picked up. I am feeling SO shamefull and hopefully she wont be upset with me that it has taken this long. I have to tell you all that Nancy is one of my favorite people ever! She is like a second mom to me for some reason. I LOVE how she is always thoughtful, caring and wants to be supportive for anyone she can be. She is one of my first reads everyday! LOVE YOU TONS!!!

Second - Spanki gave me an award also...

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 5 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you have nominated.
So, here is who gets my "I Love Your Blog"

Please forgive me not linking to the blogs that I love.... I dont know how!

1. At Home with the Farmers Wife
This woman is such a great insperation for me. I love how she always seems to be doing somthing that I want to be doing! Like the plant thingy today!!! LOL Suzanne has been so supportive with my blogging. I appreciate how friendly she is and that she is SO genuine!!! Please go read her blog because you will love her too - I promise!!!

2. Hidden Haven Homestead -
The woman is the apple of her grandkids eyes! Shes also is a bit quirky - she dress's her goats up in princess clothing - MY KIND OF GAL!!! LOL She loves her goats like her grandkids. She is with them when they have thier babys and it doesnt matter if its raining, sleeting, snowing or if she is elbow deep in laundry. One thing I loved when I first read her blog, was the fact that she does her laundry in WASH TUBS with a ringer washing machine!! How freakin cool!! Thanks so much for being a great blogger and friend - I love ya!

3. Fresh Fixins -
What can I say? Debbie baby, your Da Bomb - insert gang sign here! LOL
You make me laugh hard or think hard everytime I stop over, that is daily of course! I cant believe how commited you are to your family and the sacrifices that you make for them. You are to be truely admired and supported for all that you are doing for your family.

4.Nancys Nonsense -
Everyone, this is one of my mostest, favoritest peoples in the whole world! There is nothing I can say about Nancy that would surprise any of you - she is a wonderful lady and I feel blessed to have her be a blogging friend. Nancy, there isnt one person in the blog world that I know of that doesnt love you with all thier heart!! Thanks for being such a solid, loving lady - you are so loved by me and everyone that I have on my blogroll!! **BIG HUGS**

5. Train Wreck -
This gal is a soul sista to me. We think alike and seem to have a bit of the same ideas - like, well I better not go into detail. This gal is one of my favorite reads too. She likes cowboys - at least one in particular and her name makes me laugh... Train Wreck! LOL She is an official auntie of my boys - and a long distance God mamma to my new Milk Dud.... So there ya go Train Wreck, chew on that one baby!

I am gonna name another one because she is one of the best friends, if not the best friend I have in the bloggin world.

6.Mrs. M -
She is a GREAT mom, friend to four and 2 legged animals and I would love to call her my sister. I really think we are related, we think so much alike that its scary! So here is to you Mrs. M - your the best and you are the most deserving of an award.

It was SO HARD to pick anyone - if I read a persons blog I love it so there is no one that is more important than the other... in my eyes.

SO - I also have another meme to do .... from Take a Deep Breath..

If you are tagged, you must first post the rules:* Write 7 strange characteristics about yourself. They interest us all!* Tag 6 other people at the end of your Post.* Visit everyone that you have tagged and leave a comment on their blog to let them know that they have been tagged.

1. I eat ketchup on my popcorn - freakish I know.

2. I have never tasted beer - dont plan to start now.

3. After 3 c-sections my stomach looks like an anchor from a boat. 1 c-section was the bellybutton down and the other 2 were bikini ones...

4. I LOVE 4 inch heels, but never have a chance to wear them - except in the dinging room for the Milk Man.. LOL

5. I love to eat fried eggs with the yoke runny in the middle - the white part has to be fried good, but I dip my toast in the yoke juice. YUMMY!!

6. I have freakishly long toes - I can pick things off of the floor with them... seriously.

7. I HATE HATE HATE HATE insects of any kind that have a hard surface.... I break down in tears and get hives at the thought of touching one or worse yet finding one on me that I didnt know about!!! Snakes, lizzards, poop or anything else is no trouble but DONT give me no STINKIN JUNE BUGS!!!!!

I am tagging

1.Train Wreck

2.Country Doctors Wife

3. Mrs. M


5.Debbie K.

6. Bayou Woman

Have fun girls!!!!


Train Wreck said...

First of all...
Thanks My little Milk "Made" Friend! I am so honored that you consider me Family!! Backatcha! Yes we do have many things in common! Thank you so much for the award!I LOVE you & your Blog too!!
Meme? This is my very first one!! I don't even know how you Pronounce it! Thanks for that! Hmmm I will really have to becareful with this one! I don't want to scare anyone off!!
Give all the little "Cow punchers" a hug for me!
Auntie Trainwreck

Mrs Mom said...

Awww, shucks Heidi!! I wuvs you toooo!! You have to know how much I enjoy our chats, and your blog just totally rocks.

The meme ought to spook a few folks! LOLOLOLOL

Thanks again girl.

Now go kiss all my nephews!!!! (Ahem-- dont be kissing on Milk Man too much just yet. Thats what gets you into the predicament you just got out of! hehe)

Karen Deborah said...

Thanks Heidi, you are so sweet even if you do flip my name around, but that's ok you call your baby Milk Dud. Hee hee,
How about some neww pictures???? PALEASE!

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much Heidi. I'm a bad, bad girl when it comes to following through on these awards. I'm in Mary's camp and usually just tell everyone to consider themselves tagged!!!

I really appreciate all your kind words. From day one I felt like I knew you, like you were the kid in Wisconsin that I jumped around in the hayloft with. Nah, you're ALOT younger than me so it couldn't have been you.

Hey girl - - am I going to give a tutorial on how to link? It's code and at first I had to have a cheat sheet and every time I tried to link I got "broken code" messages from my computer. But eventually it got easy and now I have the code memorized.

Next time I have a meet-up you're going to need to get a babysitter for Milk Dud and make the drive.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

COFFEE MAN said...

LOOKS ...... sighs , I didnt even get honerable mention.

I guess I got Onery mention LOL

Have fun , and you deserve the award . huggs from coffeeshop.

well David deserves em anyway LOL

Bayou Woman said...

Thanks for tagging me but since I've already done this as a post on my blog, I am putting it in my comments section, then I am tagging just ONE of my readers and then letting them list their 7 things and then tagging one more of my regular readers. Now, that should be really fun!!! So watch out, you might get tagged in the comment section of my blog---under YOUR comment from today.

Nancy said...

Hi Heidi!

I hope little Milk Dud is doing well!!! How are you coming along now? Must be hard for you with 5 boys and a tummy to heal!!! Wish I lived closer!!!

Thank you so much for the award!!! I will happily add your name to it on my sidebar!!!

Thank you, also, for your kind and thoughtful words, too!!! You young gals are keeping me feeling young!!! As I've said before, I live alone, and life does get lonely at times. I so envy you for having your 5 beautiful children at home yet. My youngest was 42 in May and my oldest will be 44 in December. So it's been a long time, much toooo long, since I had any little ones around! I would much rather have little ones loving on me than cats, but they are all I have now.

If I lived closer, I would be there anytime you needed me!!!
Where we lived while my children were growing up, I used to always take the schoolteachers' little ones in when the mom had a chance to sub for a day or two...always did it for free just to help those young people out. I enjoyed the babies and toddlers and always felt that I should pay them for allowing me to have them for the day!

You are the sweetest little thing to be so kind and giving of your words like that...not just to me but to all of your award recipients! Stay as sweet as you are and keep loving your milkman, but maybe you should try a little saltpeter in his mashed potatoes....I think that's what my mother told me they used with our servicemen during wartime to lower their libido! LOL You know I'm just kidding!!! My ex grew up in a family with 5 children. They were, and still are, such a loving family. So there is a lot to be said about large families! My half brothers and sisters are all much older than me. I haven't seen them since my dad's funeral in 1995. My own full brother doesn't want anything to do with me anymore...he's upset that Mom is laid to rest here in a mausoleum while Dad's buried in PA. But that was HER wish!!! She didn't want to be in the ground, she told me. She had a lady friend who has her husband there in this same mausoleum, and my mom got the idea from her. But I am being blamed for it. I'm the one who took care of her for over 2 years, in diapers and MYSELF!!! So he can be mad if he wants to. I just keep to myself these days. So blogging has become like a second life to me. I love it and just wish I could spend all my time reading and commenting. Unfortunately, I have to work it's back to work for me now!

Again, thank you for the award and the kind words!!! I love see that I have a lot of catching up to do this week!!!

This turend out to be more like a post than a comment! Sorry about that!

Love to you and your family!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))