Friday, January 16, 2009

Just a quick update.....

Its 34 below with a 42 below windchill - its supose to be the coldest at about 9 and we have been falling about 1.5 degrees per hour since last night. The wind is not blowing fiercly -but even a breeze feels painful. Wont be posting much this morning but will try to get something up later today - depending on the weather. The cattle seemed to be ok, but not sure about much else at this point. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers - this type of cold really is dangerous. Cars, trucks, tracters etc. freeze up and the wood stove is haveing a HARD HARD HARD time keeping up. One of the thermostats is on the chimny so we know how hot the chimny is - its at 74 so you can bet its colder than a well diggers butt in here. The kids are bundled up on the couch with blankets and hot chocolate - dont be alarmed, Milk Dud is right in the middle of it all squeeling like a little pig in a trough! He is SUCH a smiley, squeeky 'little jigger' as my grandpy used to say. I would get a picture of it, but the blasted batteries in the camera are DEAD - I used it at the farm last night and about wore it out! Milk Man says - you are gonna wear that out in another week. He wants to buy me a 'big' one but $$ does not grow on trees nor on cattle butts so, I wont be getting one! Talk to you all later - BTW, I am wearing 2 pair of wool socks...... *blank stare*


Suzanne said...

Well, you've still got us beat. It as only -22 here this morning. You are so right about how dangerous this is. My neighbors have made plans to meet up for lunch to celebrate someone's 60th birthday. I think they are crazy but perhaps a chocolate martini will make things seem better.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Suzanne said...

P.S. Stay warm and don't forget to show us the bacon!!!

- Suzanne

Mrs Mom said...

Heidi, honey, are you sure y'all dont want to pack the farm up and head south-ish?? Lots of room down here, and it is a REALLY farm-friendly state!! ;)

Kisses to the kids-- Eskimo kisses that is. If you smooched them good, you'd stick to them! hehe

DayPhoto said...

I have been so worried about all of my bloggy friends caught in this horried freeze. You guys hover around the fire! I hope your animals are all okay, please keep me informed!


COFFEE MAN said...

lol , hey i wanna see a pic of the " Frozen Tundra " lol and YOU KNOW what i mean roflmao

cheesychick said...

I shall not complain when breaking ice inside the barn.
I shall not comlain when breaking ice inside the barn.
I shall not complain when breaking ice inside the barn.
I shall not complain about our's relatively balmy compared to you!

Dandelionmom said...

"colder than a well-digger's butt" I LIKE that one!!

My old fav is "colder than a witches thorax"

These are the things that keep me busy while I stomp around in the utility room waiting for my blankie to reheat in the dryer. ;)--oh yeah! I'm tough!

goatgirl said...

Oh my gosh....I'm with cheesychick.
I am now embarassed I complained about our measly weather.
Take care Heidi.

Nancy said...

LIke a little pig in a trough? Bet he looked cute! He's getting big enough now to join in with his brothers! You must have a very rewarding life with your hubby and boys. Hot chocolate sounds soooo good on a cold day!

((( HUGS )))