Monday, June 9, 2008

Hello from the Farm...

The Country Doctors Wife has asked me to guest blog on occasion and I accepted.... hope she doesnt regret it in the morning.

Howdy everyone!! This is an atempt to blog about the crazy, full, blessed, chaotic, loud, loving, happy, sometimes smelly life that I live on a dairy farm in the upper midwest. I am married to my childhood sweetheart and we have 4 boys with number 5 coming in July. The ages of our boys are 22, 19, 9, 3 - and still simmering. The older 2 boys are not biologically ours but are - by all means ours. They were foster children, full brothers, that lived with us for several years. When they graduated from high school, they chose to stay with us on the farm where they had grown up. They have some 'challenges' because they were born with fetal alcohol syndrom, so at times they have a short circut that will malfunction. That is just part of loving them and teaching them to be more than what most feel they can be.

My husband and I have been married for 13 - almost 14 years and I have mangaged to stay 27 this whole time! Who's happy for me!!! I am 27 - really! sure I am, why must you doubt? Anyway, CWD wanted me to write a post so here it goes. This happend a couple of years ago when our 3 yr old was about 18mo.

In the basement of our home we have a mud room, a shower and laundry room that make up a section of the basement. The shower and washing machines are in the same area to make it easier for me to fill them up as everyone strips for a shower. The older of the 2 is for the barn cloths only because they are SO dirty, smelly and down right STANKY. At times it has been known to spring a leak in the bottom of the tub so that a nice smelly puddle of water forms right near the floor drain. Of course it never gets to the drain because we have a small recese in the cement NEXT to the drain. SO, one night we all got home from the barn and headed to the basement. The wonderful man that my husband is took our, then 18mo old, to the basement to shower with him so I could get supper finished up. Within a matter of about 2 minutes I heard my husband laughing like a madman. Of course, not wanting to be left of of the fun, I run down the steps to see my baby, belly down , arms and legs flailing about like he was trying to swim in 'The Puddle'.... That would have been ok but then it happened.... he tried to drink it..... yes, I said - drink it.. I started to gag and I have a cast iron stomach. I grabbed him as I was gagging and he stunk like wet dog, old socks, dirty wash water and basment all at the same time.. I stripped him down naked as he screamed murder and up the stairs we went to the tub. It took soda water to finally get the smell off of him and it was not a quiet bath by any means. For some reason clean water is not as much fun as dirty wash water. Maybe it is a guy thing already - I hope not.


Mrs Mom said...

Hey Heidi! Welcome to the blogoshpere! Congrats on the BABY!!!! That is SO exciting.. (OK, so by this time, its pretty much Old Hat, right?)

Love the story about your little guy. It never ceases to amaze me just what they are getting into, GOING to get into, and how much "damage" they do!

Looking forward to lots of tales about the farm and the kids!

Isaac & JiLL said...

The boys are so handsome Heidi. Now where's a picture of that baby belly???

Maria said...

I'm SO glad you started to blog! I miss WI and will delight in reading your posts from there! I love the title of your blog, too. I had an immediate impression of the milkman we had while growing up in SW WI.

And per your "About Me" page....well, I'm pretty sure I have that same novel! I want to subscribe to posts only...can I do that?

Rechelle said...

Hey Heidi! Love the pic of those two beautiful boys. Can't wait to read more.

Fidget said...

*cheer* so glad you started a blog!!

Heidi said...

I must give all the credit of my blog name to Rechelle The country doctors wife - It was completly her thought!! I just loved it!

Bayou Woman said...

Thanks for inviting me over, Heidi! Those boys are so handsome! And that is a fantastic photo! Happy bloggin and please don't forget to keep coming by the wetlands!

Suzanne said...

Hey Heidi - Keep blogging. I want to have more than a couple farm blogs to read. Upper midwest? Me too, we're in northern Illinois between Chicago and DeKalb. Nothing but corn. Oh, and soybeans.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife