Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Well - Howdy!

 Well, well, well - How are you all doing today?  Long time, NO SEE... and who's fault is that? *ahem* well - lets not answer that question shall we... Just a quick drop in to say HOW - DEEEEE  - Minnie, what a gal she was. 

You all can bet that this here gal, well she and I must have been a little bit related... and of course Lucille Ball... we must have come from the same roots along the line somewhere... Just ask the Milk Man. If I am not hollering like Minnie, you can bet I am in trouble like Lucy.. for serious...

SO - on my 3rd load of laundry... getting slow in my old age.. I am 10 years older, now - it shows, my saddlebags have, handles... *blank stare - eye twich*  how about you all?  More wrinkles then a hairless cat?  Let me know how your all doing!!!

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